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Goodbyeee 2011, Hellooo 2012!!


In a blink of an eye, it's the last year of 2011. I honestly can't remember much of this year except that I spent most of my (free) time golfing and gorging myself silly (I've gained 5 kg *sob*). I can't claim to have achieved anything much although overall, it's been a relatively peaceful year.


I've yet to sign any papers to officially end the marriage. I've been separated from YC for almost 4 years. He did tell me about a week ago that I should be receiving the documents soon (it was decided in our separation discussion that he will be the one to file) so I guess I will be starting 2012 as a 'divorced' woman. Not sure how I will feel when i get the papers..the finality of it all may hit me although I've long accepted the fact that my marriage is over. He's been a good & responsible dad to Aidan and for that, I am truly grateful. I still have a very good relationship with his parents..They are over at my place very often, most of the time to spend time with their grandson, helping him with his school work and looking out for him. How blessed can I be?


Oh yes, I finally moved into my own apartment. After more than 3 years of renting, this was the year I decided to REALLY keep the apartment and move in. Aidan & Nenita loves the new place :)


The boy still very hyper and naughty. And he's also very loving and affectionate. He's grown quite a bit and some said that he's looking a li' more like me haha. I know they are just being nice! He's going to be in Primary 4 next year! Studies wise...oh well, let's just say it's been pretty painful but he does put in effort and his year end results saw a marked improvement. I have to admit, the PSLE results for this year did freak me out a li'. Some of my friends' kids did well but several others didn't get the grades they hoped for and I could tell how disappointed my friends were. Just hope that the boy will mature abit more and continue to put in effort!

Am looking forward to the start of a new year! I do see a need to take stock..there are friendships/relationships I need to work on, mend and maintain, self improvement and a need to deal with my own fears and insecurities and at the same time, not lose my sense of self. I only have one resolution for next year though and it's the same as last and those who know me should probably know what it is since they've been bugging me like forever!

Here's to a brand new year ahead ! :) Happy New Year!!
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