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Aidan at age 9!

Not much of an post here. Just thought of updating this blog with some updated pics of the boy!


Both friends and strangers have always commented that Aidan is a good-looking kid. Well, he was a cute baby/toddler and I think at 9 years old, he has lost much of his ''baby-ness" but he still behaves like a baby at times though. Sometimes, he thinks he can get away with stuff. His tuition teacher used to tell me that whenever he misbehaves or fails to o his homework, he will just stare at her with his doe-like eyes sadly when she scolds him...and she will not be able to continue her tirade :D

He can be quite exasperating and stubborn and unfortunately, I can see so much of me in him. To be fair, he does listen to us most of the time but is just prone to laziness, much like his mom :P
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