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While waiting for the Man U/Arsenal match to start...

Was chatting with my ex-colleague a few days ago. She was telling me that many of her friends have given birth recently and she'd visited them and ogled at their babies n all, found them cute & adorable but.she just didn't feel any maternal instinct in her at all.

I dunno man..I think I developed the maternal feeling only after I first held Aidan in my arms. Even when I was preggy..there were times when I still couldn't believe I was gonna be a mom. We didn't plan for this baby. My menses was the erratic type..there was even one year when I had it twice only! Saved me a bundle on sanitary pads! Doc attributed it to stress. So, I thought the chances of me being preggy was hard but turned out that it wasn't that tough afterall!

Hubby also admitted he had mixed feelings when he heard he was gonna be a daddy. I discovered that I was preggy when I went to the doc coz I was experiencing nausea..Thought that the stomach flu which I caught didn't go away..coz I'd gone to the doc abt 2 weeks back [had a preg test then, which turned out negative]for the same symptoms! Turned out..I was pregnant this time round. The previous test was probably done too early to be detected. Called hubby and told him that I was at the clinic. The first thing he said was "Fwah! MC Again ah! tsk! tsk!!". . When I gave him the news, he said "Don't bluff lah!". It was after much convincing that he'd finally realised I was telling the truth (yeah, serves me right for always joshing him so much hehe). He told me later that after he hung up the fone, he sat there stunned for a while..trying to digest the fact that he was gonna be a daddy soon.

Well, turns out he's quite a good daddy [so far!]. He enjoys playing & singing to Aidan,helps look after him, change his diapers/feed him . He still doesn't wanna bathe him but that's okay! When we are out (with or w/out the wee one), I'll see him checking out other babies…and he’ll turn to me and say “Our Aidan cuter!!!” heehee..Yeah, proud, deluded parents that we are!
I like us now better. Having Aidan..makes us feel…complete!

yyumeko is making a blue bunny suit for Aidan (you can see her progress here)and here's a pic of what's she has done so far. This bunny jacket is based on one of Anne Geddes' bunny collection.I can't wait to let Aidan wear it although I've asked it to be M size (6-9mths)..yyumeko..THANKS A BUNDLE!!!

Arghh..Aidan was in his "I'm so cool so I'm doing my 'bochap/tl' pose" mood today. He didn't even bother to make nice to MIL (thats her fingers in the background)..And uniclycommon, that's a bunny pic on Aidan's singlet, not a drool mark!

Aidan with Grandma arrogant that boy!


His pal,Ryan came visiting but Aidan still continued to look bored(!)..hehe

Aidan with Ryan

Smiley Ryan gooing at Aidan who *sigh*..remained unmoved..

SEE?! NOT A SINGLE SMILE! ARGHHH! so eng now coz I'm waiting for the Man U & Arsenal match to start..GloryyeeeeGloryeeeMannnUnnnitteeed~~
Update : It's a draw n I'm okay with it~~~
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