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This is one of stephiechai's brood, Herlene.

Herlene's wearing a dinooops, whale cuteee~ And here's Herlene looking at auntie burbur with her hand on the mj table[I wasn't allowed to take any pics of mj players!]

She'd just flipped over the box containing the remaining mahjong chips which we didn't use, and they all dropped onto the floor and she started playing with them. She was just about to put them into her mouth when her mummy stephiechai called out to her..~ Oh thinking of what Aidan will be like at Herlene's age!

Herlene called me "Mui Mui"! Really, I swear!!moxielass and burbur are my witness!! Maybe that's why I won majong. hehe..And when stephiechai was carrying Herlene in her arms (while playing mahjong - sut enuff a not this mummy], she was mumbling "burburburburburburburbur"..And burbur was blur for a while hehe~

stephiechai, guess what's this hehe..Doesn't really look that appetising here but it's the crabs from Still Road! I really couldn't tahan liao, after talking about it during mj so when my bro came visiting, I told him to stop by there and get us those slurpeelicious pepper crabs! Damn solid siah *slurp*

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