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Ze Big Bully~

Ryan looking so blur and Aidan looking a tad pissed..
(but they look as if they are holdling hands~)

First, Aidan started touching Ryan's head..

Then, his hands moved to the unsuspecting Ryan's face..

And oh-oh..I think Aidan sorta 'punched' Ryan~ Poor Ryan! And Aidan looked so guilty! *sigh* My son!

Good friends again hehehe....

Mummy & Baby wearing the same shi teeshirt! (as requested by yyumeko).
Aiyah, my hair covering the tee!

Brought Aidan for his 4th month jab today [Aidan will be 4 months old tomorrow]. They had a Sars screening at the entrance of Mt Elizabeth hospital,where visitors to the hospital need to sign a form declaring whether they have been to Sars infected country and our temperatures were taken too. While I was filling in the form for both Aidan and myself, the nurses were making funny faces at Aidan and going.."so cutee..so chubbyeee~~!". Aidan as usual, goo-gooed back at them. After we were given the okay, one of the nurse told me softly.."Quickly go see the doctor and leave immediately. Don't stay around too long..ok?!" I nodded and scurried away.

While I was in the clinic, there was only 1 mummy and her son (who's abt 10 yrs old) with masks on..After they saw the paed, the mum was trying to get the son to put on the mask again but he was going "Why,why why..everyone here don't have it on!" and started a major tantrum..[technically, that's wrong coz the nurses do have it on]..The mummy replied "Coz they all don't care for their children as much as I care for u!" Bah..it was said softly but I heard it! The mum finally convinced him to put on his mask by threatening to take his gameboy away.

I dunno..am I an irresponsible mummy if I chose not to don the mask & also not let Aidan wear it..especially in a hospital environment??

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Apr. 22nd, 2003 06:56 am (UTC)
Hey Anita..Why aren't u using ur LJ a/c...I was jus telling moxielass over mahjong that u haven't been updating recently.

Actually..babies do have a tendency to become chubby..on their faces, tummy n legs..Both Ryan and Aidan are of the right weight for their height according to the doctor's baby scale..

Hehe..if u come to Singapore..we can meet up n I'll bring Aidan for u to beo :D

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