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Doesn't he look like a li' indian chief in the 2nd pic?

Aidan has fever again..Since he had it after the last jab, I wasn't surprised that he had it again this time round...But his fever occurred faster than the previous time. He was already feeling feverish after the jab and we fed him the medication using the syringe given by the paed. Fortunately, this li' fella doesn't seem to mind taking his med..he was even licking his lips, relishing the taste of it (well, the med was sweet afterall)!

By evening time yesterday, his fever had spiked to a temp of 38.3%..which was kinda high..So I'd toweled him with a cool towel and let him wear the fever patch. He was still feverish when he woke up this morning but he's been in a good and cheerful mood all this while..

However, Aidan may have gotten diarrhea. He started with really loose stools on Monday morning..and by yesterday, he was pooping abt 4 times in that day itself..I suspect that it could be the pepper crab I ate on Sunday.Since I am still breastfeeding him, he could have 'consumed' it indirectly and his poor delicate digestive system probably couldn't handle it. Will probably ask the paed what OTC medication I can get for that poor li' bugger.

Hope he gets better soon..His grandparents are sayanging that manja baby now :)

My sis, evonnetay, who's doing her MBA in Perth bought these stuffy animals for us siblings..Cute eh!

The pigs are adorable and the dog is soooo cute and stupid looking too..Dajie,u haven't bought anything for Aidan yet *hint hint*
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