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At times,I think Aidan looks v adult..especially when he isn't v happy~

*sigh*..Aidan's still purging...Had bought the medication recommended by the paed and had given him 2 doses (1 per day) as per instruction but he is still expurging watery stools..Funny thing is, he does it when I'm feeding him (formula - not bfeeding) in the middle of his feed, he'll start squirming and his face will turn red and I'll smell a distinct odour..Of coz I'll scramble then, and quickly bring him to the changing pad to help him along the way.. And *sob*, he's been rejecting me when I try to breastfeed him...First time that he's done that. And to make it worse, he'll suckle briefly and then, he'll turn away and start sucking on his fingers! *arghhhh!* Hm, maybe it's his fingers that making him sick.

I wonder whether he has any stomach upset, like us adults do. I mean, he's pretty well-behaved as he doesn't cry or fuss about that much..and he's still kinda, if not for the diarrhea, I wouldn't know that he is sick...

Hopefully, he gets better soon or else I'll have to bring him to the paed, which I'm trying to avoid coz that would mean that I would have to go to a hospital again..
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