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Yeah..Hubby's client has given him free tiks for Harry Potter for this Saturday. Luckily he told me this morning as I was abt to book the tiks for this weekend. $$!

Darn tiredII Went shopping the whole of yesterday and came back totally fatigued. Was at Ikea in the morning looking at baby furnitures (eg: cots). I've always loved to lunch there..the salmon set lunch is as usual delicious. My fren's roast beef looked kinda tough tho. Have decided on the items that I'm interested in and will haul my hubby there sometime next week. Went to Takashimaya next as I had $300 worth of cash vouchers to spend [courtesy of hubby's win at his D&D]. Ended up buying lotsa baby items [bottles, sterilizer, bibs, clothings etc]. Still have abt $30 worth of cash voucher left :). Ended up having fishball noodle soup at Thanying Express at the basement of Taka at abt 4pm..*shioks*.

Sheesh, I've been eating so much lately. Gynae had said that preggy ladies shouldn't eat for 2 as it's a fallacy that one should. But I've been having cravings for the pepper crab at Joo Chiat *slurp*..Think I'll try to convince hubby to bring me there this weekend :)
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