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Dr Lee & Aidan Lee :D~

A smiley Aidan at the clinic..yeah, that's Dr Lee's hands ..

<------He usually looks like this

Brought Aidan to the paed in the afternoon..That li' bugger was in such high spirits today..grinning from ear to ear and being very jovial..I guess he was happy to be out of the house. Even at the paed - Dr Lee's clinic..he was such a dear. He was 'chatting' so much with Dr Lee that she said to me.."I don't think he's in any pain at all..not with all that smiling and non-stop chatter" When Dr Lee was laying him down to check on his nappy rash, he was still cooing at her and making all those smiley faces..(hmm, mebbe there's something about her that just makes him behave so lovable]. She called him 'a li' gongfu master' becuz of the outfit he was wearing...

Anyway, Dr Lee said Aidan was most likely having a viral infection..most likely a stomach flu..So, she gave me some medication that was supposed to solidify his stools, another to strengthen his digestive tract and 2 tins of soy-formula and advised me to breastfeed him more..Have to monitor him for another 4-5 days and if it still doesn't improve, I gotta collect his stools into this little container and bring it back to her for her analysis.

Had Aidan weighed and in spite of all his purging, he has gained a little weight actually. He's now abt 6.7kg and measure abt 64cm..I guess me thinking that he has kiew chweed is probably all in the head ...Am glad that he's still growing well..*phew*

And yeah..he absolutely hated the new medication..the only way I could make him drink it is to give it to him before his feed..but at least he will drink it entirely, while making mewing sounds and funny faces...Hope he will get better soon..

I think Aidan looks pretty spiffy here..we are actually wearing the same black tee :D~

Waiting for his turn at the clinic..the yellow sticker was the ok given by the nurses who were screening for Sars at the hospital entrance..
Dr Lee with li' Aidan...

Well, just to show you how tiny Aidan still's one of him sitting next to my bag..

A somewhat hyper Aidan ..after his visit to the doc...

Here's another mummy/baby pic..
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