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More TubeTok

Ok.. a warning first ,for those who have yet to watch today's TAR, pls stop reading!!!!!

The best part about not working is that I get to watch my current favourite show - The Amazing Race in the afternoon hee! Actually, that's not very true eh, since I actually get to watch the show at work if I don't happen to have meetings during that time. That was one of the perks of working at a TV station...having a TV & VCR right at ur cubicle :) *sigh*..oh yeah, I quit the job already. *kickherself*..but anyway, I digress.'s ep was just a good as all other eps of TAR hehehe!! Though somehow, after my dreaded Team AArghh was finally eliminated, I felt a little sad. I guess they didn't seem to be that evil and bitchy in today's race. They were enjoying their race even though they knew they were lagging. They seemed to be pretty gracious in their defeat too. I guess Team AArghh looked absolutely angelic when u compare them to that horrible IAN and Teri..Sheesh!! How much more awful can Ian get!!! Gosh, if I'm Teri, I would just walk off on the spot and search for a divorce lawyer! All he does is shout at her and thinks that he's always right..Bleah! They just seemed to have the luck of the evil to win the Fast Forward. Poor John Vito & Jill...first the car breakdown, then losing the FF to Team Grouch. But at least, they didn't fare that badly in the end. Team 911 - Andre & Damon also had real bad luck in today's ep. I don't really fancy them as a team since all they've been doing is following the 2 bro-team but they were really unlucky today. The cab drivers today (tsktsktsk) were horrendous [cept for FloZach and KennG's]. I mean it must be really scary to be driven to this strange, unknown town and an official demanding for ur passports. Am amazed that the camera crew didn't call for help earlier. Hmm, the Doublemint Twins seemed to be pretty low-key in today's ep. *sigh*

Oh yes, yesterday afternoon, I caught an episode of Shiver , an old TCS production.I now understand the title. U actually watch it and shiver at how horrifyingly bad it is. One of my ex-colleague Benny Soh, who is the head of the on-air promotions team [mainly responsible for the trailers for all Ch5 shows] was unfortunately acting in that particular ep. That ep is abt this stupid man played by Darryl David who wouldn't die [like a cockcroach] and would return to haunt this lady [Tan Kheng Hua] who stayed in this old bungalow. Benny acted ok lah, like an ah-beng that he's supposed to be but aiyoh, the show itself is so damn terok. The storyline was really pathetic and the script so laughable. It actually makes Restless looks like a brilliant drama. But strangely, I'm actually thinking of catching next week's ep to see whether the show is gonna be worse than yesterday's ep. Yeah, that's the perk of being a stay-at-home person. Too much free time!!!

Body ache..! I think I shall go down Compass Point to get a massage. :)

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