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You are my sunshine~

ze sunny smile after ze rain..

Aidan's definitely better now..I guess the medication is pretty effective since he'd only started taking it yesterday evening. He has only purged twice so far..and he was again, all smiley and chirpy today..The only thing was that he was sleeping more than usual. Each nap he'd taken in the afternoon was more than 2 hours long..It's either that the medication was making him drowsy or that he was exhausted by all that purging of the last week. I hope it won't make him sleep less in the night though..

Initially, I'd thought that Aidan abhorred the new medication coz he was taking so long to finish it..and he was grimacing each time while he drank it...Then I finally realised today the reason why. As the medication was in powdery form, I had to mix it with water..The powder however did not totally dissolved and it ended up clogging up the little hole in the milk bottle teat which I was using to feed him with..And no wonder he was fussing about so much! He couldn't drink at all since the hole was blocked...Goondu mummy that I am...I then used a syringe to feed him and boy..did he drank it all up happily. Weird boy..he likes his medication! I sniffed at the powder and eeew, it was awful..and this wee one can just gulp it down like that..hmmm..

Hmm..isn't he behaving like a towkay in some karaoke joint..

Kwa Simee! ..."And I did it myyyyyyyyyy way!"

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