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Scavenger Baby Hunt...

Item no. 17 - Paul Frank iz my friend

burbur's Scavenger Hunt seems fun..cept that I hardly go out nowadays so it's kinda hard to take outdoor pics and I'm not really that creative so.. *shrug*..gotta make do with what I have so far since the due date's today...

1.something forbidden - NA
2. something foreign - NA

3. Angry person

Angry baby more like it :D

4. hair

Well, more of whatever hair that's left on Aidan's head that is..

5. speed

Aidan usually sleeps in the car when it's speeding so.....

6. mosaic - NA
7. goth - NA : so tempted to make up Aidan but I though I'd rather not mess up his complexion ..
8. something with 69 on it - NA : could have taken a pic of my IC or birth cert but too lazy hehe

9. 2 people wearing identical shirts

Yeah..I know my hair blocked the design but Xheart - it's really identical tees.

10. lunch

Aidan's lunch today

11. bug on a body part

toy ladybug is still a bug right?

12. purple

Yeah..I know the pig is more pinkish than purplish but I did try to use photoshop to make it a little more purplish so u gotta give me credit for extra labour :P~

13. peace theme

This is one of the most angelic pics of Aidan I have and he looks sooo peaceful here..and u know lah..babies are supposed to symbolise innocence and peace so..hehe..

14. upside down

fu dao

15. japanese pop culture/street fashion -NA

16. a performance

Sing..Sing a Song...

17. paul frank is your friend
See above...
Well, I could have tried to pin it on his hair..but he din have any...)

18. inanimate object moving - NA
19. graffiti - NA

20. dog

Woof Woof..

21. a mask

Well, if it covers his eyes/face..don't u think it looks kinda like a mask (esp if I poke two holes hehe)

22. ribs

Yeah..this is more of a half naked torso than ribs but it does shows his ribs eh..

23. 29th February 2000 - NA

24. a clown

Eh..going on a limp here..but he's making a funny face and looking so clownish n all....*coff*

25. memorabilia -NA

Total : 15/25
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