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Finally managed to watch American Idol, which I'd recorded earlier...shocking show today with one of the hot fav Ruben being amongst the bottom 2..I dunno man but it does seem that the U.S. audience tends to vote out people Simon likes/praises ..They seem to really hate him!!

It was the same in the last season of AMI too. Anyway..this season of AMI is definitely much better than the previous..the singers are fantastic and the fact that they can all sing 'live' so well really shows how much talent there is in States..Both Clay's Solitaire and Ruben's Breaking up is hard to do blew me away. I think if people knew what the original Breaking Up sounded like, they will really be impressed with Ruben's interpretation of the song. Clay's voice was simply magical.. Watching this show tend me to make me compare the contestants with the local contestants of our Talentime...I was still in Mediacorp when Ch5 has the 'new' version of Talentime so I'll pop into the theatre to watch the show after work..and I'll always find myself cringing in the seat with some of the contestant's performances. I can especially remember this one girl, Greta something who was actually quite a looker but unfortunately, her singing and her dress sense left much to be desired. The entire audience actually groaned audibly when she screeched. But I'm sure there are really good singers in it just like the beauty pageants..where the good ones just refuse to join competition so the mediocre ones end up winning?

Anyway..back to AMI..I really wonder whether Paula is there as a judge just to be a vase or that they wanted someone to salve the hearts of the contestants before Simon gets to them. I mean..sheesh, everyone is fantastic, everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to win..bah. Even if someone sings out of tune, she will still have something nice to say to them..I like Simon's honesty. You can tell that the contestants really take his critique very seriously in that they will be relaxed with Randy n Paula but when it comes to Simon..they'll stop smiling and get real serious..and if they manage to elicit a praise from Simon, that's when they really break out into a huge smile and heave a huge sigh of relief. much to say for this show..yeah, I have not much of a life *weep*'s Aidan + TV~

Actually, wanted to post these pics in the earlier post but didn't have the time (was booted off the puter by hubby)..
My neighbour Rachel came over with Ryan and her hubby later in the evening so as usual, we started taking pics of the babies...

The 3 daddies with their darlings...

If u compare the first pic and this pic, u'll realise that Aidan's right hand has moved...we were all laughing when we saw it and everyone was like..aiyoh, this buaya boy!!! Renee seems to bochap him tho...

Took family pics for all my friends..(eh, forgot to take for ourselves but hehe..we have lotsa them anyway)...

Trevor, Bibi and their darling daughter Renee..Isn't Renee sweet ..and her eyes are huge!

Li' Ryan with Rachel & Tanny, Chloe with Darren and Corrina..
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