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My growing baby...

It's really a joy to see how fast Aidan is developing...He's starting to become really vocal now and will hum loudly whenever I am changing his diapers or nursing him..Hubby says that he seems to relishing the breastmilk alot coz he goes mmm mmmm mmm while chooking away merrily..Recently, he's been more active too..He's beginning to turn about alot whenever we lay him flat down.. He was able to turn himself when he's on all fours to his back before (that is if we'd placed him in that position originally) but he's just starting to learn how to flip himself forward while he's on his back..Sometimes, he'll stop midway while trying , and start sucking this fingers..and will remain in that position till he's sucked his fingers dry..and will either flip forward or backwards...And whenever we put sit him down, he'll try to push himself forward and balance himself with his li hands..He still can't sit on his own for long tho and will end up falling sideways after a while.. Sweat man..trying to keep up with him..

Aidan trying to sit on his own....

This seems to be one of his favourite position..legs in the air~

Here's him trying to roll over...

Happy to be in his Daddy's arms after a long workout..

And after his bath..lying on his cot while getting a good massage :) Some kids have all the luck...
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