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Morning has broken~Not!

It was about 11.30am..hubby had refused to wake up after my numerous attempts to get him outta bed..So, I decided to let the li' bugger do it instead..Placed Aidan on hubby while he sleeps..Aidan seems pretty happy lying there and was playing with the blanket...making funny faces at me..Hubby could still sleep thru it all.. *arghh*..

Yeah..finally gonna watch X-Men 2..We'd arranged with our 2 other married w/babies couple friends to watch the movie together and have a nice dinner after that...(w/out babies) S, all our kids' grandparents are gonna have their hands full today..

stephiechai, moxielass, cario..ok ok..I admit defeat..hehe..Pepper crabs & mahjong WHEN???!!!~ uniclycommon, u babysitting Aidan right *grin*..
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