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Flipflopin Baby~

Hubby's gonna go Thailand for a business trip tomorrow. He dreads it coz he'll probably be one of the very very few people there wearing the mask..His parents were telling him to better adhere to the mask-wearing rule or else he may end up in the slammer, which is gonna be worse the wearing the mask.

He will be back on Thursday but this will be the first time I'll be home alone with Aidan for the entire day and night.. not that I won't be able to handle it. He was so sweet..when we were kissing Aidan goodnight after laying him down in the cot, hubby whispered to him.."Daddy's gonna be gone for 2 days..I'll miss you alot.." Aidan simply gave him a big smile and gurgled at him..

I just want him to have a safe trip and hope that the project he's handling will be smooth-sailing..

Aidan's been flip-floppin all over the place. Whenever I lay him down flat on his back, he'll immediately attempt to turn himself over on all fours..and once he'd managed to turn himself over..he'll start making mewing noises..and I'll then help him turn him back to his back and he'll turn himself over again *arghh*.. So, I've to prop him upwards most of the definitely dreading the time when he starts crawling and..walking..~

The Amazing Flipping/Tap-dancing Baby~~

Pensive Baby in Black..
(Sis picked this pj for Aidan from Australia..I love the li' bear prints ..looks like Aidan likes it too..)
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