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Tried taking a close-up side profile pic of Aidan..this was as close as I could get with my digicam's 3 x Optical Zoom function..kinda blur tho. Aidan has really nice long dark lashes..I was trying to capture them but guess I wasn't successful. He has a cute li' button nose and small mouth with pinkish lips. His complexion has cleared up loads but he does tend to breakout once in a while and his face is full of self-inflicted scratches..*sob*

Arghh..I think I'm going overboard with these picture taking of Aidan. I guess hubby IS right. I got a baby so that I could take pics of him and I got an LJ a/c so that I can post pics of him just to solicit compliments...My baby is a cam whore and I'm his pimp mommy~. I really pity those people who has no broadband who reads my LJ s..they must have waited for at least an hour for all the pix to load. Bah! And that self-realisation ain't making me stop anyway hehe..

I guess it's kinda obvious I got lotsa time on my hands as a SAHM..especially since Aidan sleeps alot in the day...I don't take pics of him everytime he's awake and playful..Mainly in the late morning when he's at his friendliest/cutest/sweetest..and on special occasions like when friends visit or when there are other babies ard. And i guess I should end my entry right here :

Decided to use the Baby Bjorn [which I've bought a while ago for hubby] to carry Aidan when I walked to Rachel's place..which was abt 2 blocks away...Actually, this baby carrier is apparently the Rolls Royce of all baby carriers. It's been seen on TV and movies (with babies) countless of times...most recently on Friends..That's what Ross was using when he's carrying baby Emma around. I was watching Two Week's Notice just now and there it was again..a woman with a BB..Well, I didn't buy it coz it was a 'happening' carrier but that it was really easy to use and Aidan actually enjoys sitting in it..He seems to like that he can swivel his head around to look at his surroundings and his hands and legs are free..

Rachel has 3 labradors at her place..In fact, her living room and kitchen is for her dogs to run about..Li' Ryan is usually restricted to the master bedroom and his bedroom then...

This is Rocky and Tootie..Tootie is wearing the funnel-thingy becuz she just had a surgery on her ear. Their son, Junior is not in the pic because Rachel says he's a real hyper dog and would probably end up scaring the babies..

Ryan discussing with Aidan how to get rid of the doggies so that he can get the living room..
Here's our li' babies playing together on Rachel's bed and leaving saliva stains everywhere..

Us mummies taking turns to take pics with the babies...See smiley Ryan..See proud-looking Aidan *sigh* face is sooo oily..


Hmm..I miss my hubby already..
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