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Feeling very tired today. Having a slight migraine and a really achy back...Not gonna update much coz my mind is blank..I have pics of Aidan tho :D...

Above : ze li' monster (dated 5th Feb 2003), Below : ze not so li' monster now.

Grrrrr..who u calling fat..!!!

I recall the first time Aidan wore this monster romper, he was such a puny li' thing then..just 1 month 1 week old..Fast forward to present time..Oooh..see the difference! His face has fattened-up..with his cheeks getting so chubby making his face looks really rounded. He is plumper definitely and very bak-bak. All the nicer to hug and cuddle :)

Hubby said Aidan looked v niang niang chiang in that headgear..I guess my efforts in tryin to make him look like a li' thug ain't v successful...By the way, that's hubby's hanky that I've put on his head hehe

I now know why Aidan looks so niang niang's coz the way I tied the bandana was wrong...Wendy, one of the mummies at Asia Parent forum had also let her baby boy tried on the 'bandana' look at her boy and had it tied on the correct way. Ethan sure looks cool!
Check out his pic ..

This is 6 mth old Ethan! Cute hor!!
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