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My Mummy's Day treat :)



Hubby treated me to a fab meal at Fabulous Fizz [yeah, the name's kinda cheesy but the food's good] of the restaurant at the Esplanade. Can u believe that it was my first time at the Durian..! Gosh..I'm definitely one of the most un-hippiest person around. I only knew that Embargo, this joint which everyone seems to be raving about (cept for me) was at EsplanadeOne Fullerton today coz I passed by it..and I've never been to Centro, BarNone..and all the other supposedly cool spots.

Esplanade was a great place to people-watch..and boy, do I feel my age there. All these really young and gorgeous people walking about, gals in low-waisted jeans flaunting their taut abs and perky butts [not a pretty sight for post-natal moms mind u]..their counterparts looking just as spiffy in their streetwear..I think most of them were probably abt 18-19 yrs old or early 20s looking like they were 18... I don't think we were ever that fashionable and trendy then ..Me n hubby was all goo-goo eyed going ..fwah, that one jude..wah, this one also not bad..!! I think we should go out more often *sigh*...

Anyway..this meal we had was a 'Mother's Day' dinner from hubby since we are planning to celebrate tomorrow with his family..Food was good tho the servings was tiny..But they were having this buy 1- get 1 free promotion so it was somewhat worth it. My choice was scrumptuous..I had panfried beef tenderloin with fois gras..and they made it exactly how I wanted it..really bloody rare! *shioks*..Hubby had the lamb shanks which was really tasty..Wanted to go to that Max Brenner Chocolate (sic?) place which blueberrykisses and pinkmelonhugs were raving about but it was getting kinda late and we had to go back to save our parents-in-law from Aidan's clutches ..Nevermd, next time, we'll bring Aidan along :)

And the best part of the day..going home to my baby hehe..He was all bright-eyed and eagerly waiting for his milk...

tryin my darndest not to tilt my head hehe

ehh..he doesn't resemble me at all meh??

I like this other pic I took with Aidan too..coz he's 'standing' in it..he's looking more towards his left coz his grandma was behind my hubby making funny faces at him..but arghh..he simply stops smiling when the camera snaps..He always does that..smiling & grinning away but as soon as the camera's on him..the clouds comes in~~.

I dunno man..but Aidan's eyes seems to get bigger at night~~

Bon Apetit!!
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