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My Mummy's Day Pt Deux..

People's been saying that Mother's Day is getting overly commercialised and thus the day seems less meaningful and more of a day for flower and chocolate shops to make heaps of moolah..Well, this year is my first Mother's Day and what the heck, commercialised or not, I was happy to be a mommy and that I had people celebrating it for me. I know pple say that everyday should be a Mother's Day andI one needs not wait till this very day to show appreciation to moms. But, I'm definitely glad for this day coz it gives my hubby a reason to be exceptionally good to the mother of his son. It's not that he usually isn't caring as a hubby/father but more that in terms of distribution of son-caring labour on weekends and holidays, it's kinda unequal still. So, when there is an opportunity to take advantage of such a day where your status as a mother is recognised and valued more than other days, why not!!

So..thank you dear hubby for the wonderful dinner last night and for letting me sleep through the morning and helping to feed/care for Aidan yesterday night and this morning.. , without coming to me when he pooped/peed or stuck his fingers down his throat which caused him to gurgle & choke. I know it meant that you had less zz time and lesser aliens to annihilate but I'm sure you had a great bonding session with Aidan hehe..

Slept the whole morning [alone] and part of the early afternoon with Aidan..I guess all those late nights reading LJ has caught up with me finally and I'm aching like crazy and having headaches.

We realised that Aidan's always an angel whenever we bring him out. When he took the taxi with me [to meet hubby at the hair-salon where he was gettin a trim], he was so gwai sitting on my lap, looking at the scenery and making cute li' cooing sounds. The only time he sorta growled was when the traffic light took a while to turn green coz he was probably bored with the same scenery..when the taxi driver moved on, he was happy again. He.flirted with Gigi, hubby's hairstylist at the salon, sat quietly wiith us while we sipped on iced chocolate n latte at a coffee joint, promptly slept in the carseat when the car moved on..and remained sleeping durin the start of our dinner so that we could tuck in our gruel and woke up on cue during his feed time...Can't help loving this li' bugger so much [now, if only he was always that gwai at home hehe..but I guess I shouldn't ask too much of him].

Mommy & Baby

The Lee family at (of all places to take a pix hehe) Supercuts!

That's Gigi, hubby's hairstylist who's this really cool chick..
Gigi has been cutting hubby's hair since he was in JC. Shesaid she'd practically seen him grew up..from a skinny li' boy to the bwee daddy that he is today :)

Havin coffee..The prince got to sit on a chair all by himself ....
Finally, smiling for the camera while his drool continued to flow..

A not-too happy Aidan coz he had to share the seat with me ..

The 3 mummies at the restaurant..That's Jess, my sis-in-law with her son, Chern Ern, my mom-in-law carrying Aidan
We went to Kublai Khan, this mongolian restaurant..we chose quantity over quality [dad-in-law picked the restaurant] since it was a buffet style place serving run of the mill food..
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