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Daddy's Home..

Was breastfeeding a really grouchy Aidan when hubby came home..Aidan, on hearing the jangling of keys quickly looked up expectantly ...He stared at hubby as he walked in..Hubby started chatting with his baby who become really animated, squealing away and breaking out into a beeeegggg bogay smile! *sigh* And I'm the one with the milk ducts~Bah!

*The pix are all close-ups coz I had to take them when he was lying across my chest~ that's y it was such an odd angle..


Ok good, now that I've gotten your attention heh..I wanna fix/confirm a day/time for the pepper crab/mahjong session or else I kena labelled NATO!!!!!!!! And I also need to know whether I need to get more than 1 mj table so I can beg, borrow or steal one [hmm, my aptment is gonna be a gambling den]. So speak out those who are playing mj. meganmacy is querying whether any other kids will be around coz that will determine whether she's bringing Megan & Macy..[she needs a reason to lure Megan there]auntyadele, stephiechai???? By the way, the kids can go real swimming while some of us dry swim ..there's a pool for toddlers and a playground too!

Ok now..will throw in a few dates here..

Thursday,15th May - Vesak Day
Sat 17 May or Sun 18 May
Sat 24 May or Sun 25 May

Lemme know soon~~! Hubby has agreed to buy go tarpow the crabs for us hehe so what's more important is how many crabs are we getting!!!!???
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