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sign language~

Aidan doing his version of the Vulcan's greeting~

finger lickin' good~~

Yes, Clare..I bought the delightful tummy turtle for Aidan too :D~

I used to think that babies usually like to suck their thumbs but Aidan seems to prefer suckin his middle two fingers instead..And he can do this for hours *sigh*

Took Aidan out in the late afternoon to Parkway and was planning to have a nice dinner and walk by the beach after that... but just when we were about to drive to the restaurant at Siglap, I realised today was Thursday [had thought it was Wednesday initially ..bleah]..and that it was the American Idol Day..Oops!! So, hubby had to rush back home just cuz I so badly wanted to watch the show and instead of a nice din, we got take-away from a food stall in Hougang ...

Hee~ I owe hubby and Aidan one :P~
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