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stripey baby :)

Look Ma!! I can fly~~~

Aidan & the turtle~....


munch munch munch ...

bleah..hmm...munch munch munch mmmmm....


I must buy a video-cam soon...[any good recommendations?]The not-so-wee one is growing so fast and he's been so active lately. He's been trying so often to sit up whenever I place him on the chair..he flips about whenever he's placed on his back, his fingers are getting to be very nimble, either throwing away the pacifier when I put it into his mouth or pulling away the small hanky which I've placed under his collar..And, recently, he's been laughing/giggling a lot..not those soft kekeke kinda laughter but the hearty wahahah kind..which is really endearing. In the morning, whenever I pluck him outta the cot and kiss him on both cheeks, he'll giggle delightfully..when hubby gives him raspberries on his tummy, he'll wriggle about and laugh in pure mirth..I so want to tape down his laughter for all to hear ..It's true..laughter is the best medicine..and a baby's laughter is the bestest remedy ~~
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