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What a Beautiful Morninggggggg!!

Have been sleeping early and waking up early these few days. Slept at 10pm yesterday and woke up at 6am today! Blur man! Just showered and am feel totally refreshed now!

Am wondering whether I should cut off my long hair..I think due to the pregnancy, my body heat has been pretty high and I feel really hot and irritable, especially in the afternoon. Everyone's been saying that its normal to feel this way becuz of the baby. I don't know man..will see whether I can tahan the heat any longer and if not, I'll probably just head down to the saloon to have it cut to shoulder length. Should be more manageable then...

Should have a full day ahead today. Will be visiting the MBA fair at one of the hotels in Marina Square area..must go check which hotel that is. Can then go to have beef pho at this Vietnamese restaurant at Marina Square. The pho there is pretty authentic *slurp*..After that, will be watching the Harry Potter movie at cineleisure at abt 3pm. Looking forward to the movie since I've heard so much positive reviews abt it. I've actually re-read all 4 HP books recently so as to refresh my memory. Hubby has a wedding dinner tonight so I've made appointment with my other pals to have a mahjong 'tongxiao' session. Yeah!! Hands really itchy siah!!

Wish me luck!!

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