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Blue Sunday~

Welcome to my playland....:)

Lepaking a li' after his cool bath~see his li' rounded tummy!
He looks as if he's holding up his pants tho

Hubby cheats..he's been taking to wearing really bright tees so as to capture Aidan's attention..
and it works :P...


Aidan seems to be teething...Stuck my finger into his mouth to feel his gums..felt something sharp cutting into my finger..It's only on the upper gums. No wonder he's been drooling non-stop and perpetually sucking his middle two fingers..probably to alleviate the irritation in the gums..Also, his temperature seems on the high side ..he's been averaging about 37.5% but it's supposed to be normal for a teething baby to develop a high temp..Can't wait for his first teeth to sprout ..My baby's really growing up fast

*Sigh* Next month, we'll gonna be really broke. Hubby needs to fork out quite a fair bit of dough for the following items..

1) Digital Videocam
2) Grills for the windows
3) Golf Lessons fees

Initially, hubby was planning for a holiday for both of us in June..he has loads of leave to clear so he thought of taking some days off and we'll escape somewhere to lepak a bit..we were still contemplating whether to bring the li' bugger along..but with all the moolah we're gonna spend for the above stuff, we may have to postpone our plans *sigh* I was so looking forward to it but I guess it can't be helped..Grills are necessary since Aidan is starting to learn how to crawl and pretty soon, he will be teleporting all over the house. The videocam was something we wanted to get for quite a while and since Aidan's been more active, responsive and making really funny expressions and sounds, we should get it real soon so that we can capture them all for prosperity :)..
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