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More Toys~

Ze prince in his soon-to-be-his throne..toying with the li' people~~

Took Aidan out to look for an exersaucer for him...Went to the 'biggest Kiddy Palace' in Singapore..which was tucked somewhere in the 4th floor of the 'hub' in Toa Payoh and lo n behold, there was one of the exersaucer I was eyeing, there for us or rather, our babies to try out ..It was The Bouncing Baby Play Place..whoopie do~~ It was still kinda big for Aidan coz he can't sit up on his own yet but we tested it out anyway..He was so cute..initially,he was a li' blur sitting in it..and after a while, he started to bop about in it..and then he noticed all the li' knickknacks around him and started playing with them..I would have taken more [better] pics if he had not started to drool all over the exersaucer so I'd to whisk him outta it before the sales people demanded we buy the trial set :P..Hmm, looks as if this would be the one I'm getting..It cost 147 bucks after discount (the original price is supposed to be $200+), baby stuff are really expensive! Went to Baby Hyperstore at Ubi after that to see if there better stocks there..yecks..cheena looking exersaucers there .. Will probably go back to KP at TP to buy it or order it online..

As MIL has tons of leave to clear and so does hubby, we may decide to go for a holiday together - baby included!!...*yippeee*. Gotta decide where to go now..Am keen on Banyan Tree Bintan or one of the other resorts but hubby was thinking of Langkawi ..[heard Datai's beautiful!] or Phuket..Have to go find out if there are any special deals going on since airfare is so cheap now..

Any suggestions are welcome from u guys :)
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