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Hot Chocolate~

The LJ Mummies...
From left..Me & Aidan, Ashley ashleyneo & Tiffany, Trish flipover with Rachel's baby, Ryan, Mong meganmacy with her 2 darlings, Macy & Megan... was hot in that place!!! We sat at the corner where we thought we would have more privacy just in case any mummies needed to breastfeed and space for the prams but the darn aircon just didn't seem to be flowing there at all...Aidan was hot n flustered so he was naturally grouchy..and could only be pacified when I took him out to the lobby to walk about [aircon was stronger there]..

Mong's Macy was such a darling..she was tucked in her pram most of the time and was either mumbling audibly to herself or envious!!! And yes, her eyes are HUGE! Megan, her sis was a cutie too .she eagerly gobbled up her icecream and chocolate cake. Ashley's Tiffany was sooo good natured..she's another darling ..sitting with her mummy..looking about so a zen-like manner. My neighbour Rachel came along with us with her baby Ryan and he was pretty well-behaved too. End of story - Aidan was the noisiest

Meet the terror mummy group..with our most potent weapons - Our babies~
</small>Hee~ and that's the chocolate cheesecake on the table ~</small>

Trish, Megan & Mong
Trish was the 'temp' babysitter today..She didn't bring her kids so her hands were free and she was so helpful carrying our babies whenever we needed some hands free time! Thanks Trish

Sweet li' Tiffany with her mummy, Ashley and Trish..

Ryan trying to get fresh with Tiffany...

Aidan beoing Baby Macy...

Baby Macy trying to hit on Ryan~~

*sigh* Baby Love Triangle..hmm or issit Square~~

To prove that we did order some food [instead of just driving the staff & patrons at Max Brenner's nuts with our babies], here's a pic of one of the items..That's the chocolate fondue
especially for u, inventive_manic :)

Oh yeah, Mong blanjahed us..said she wanted to treat us since it was probably the last time she would see us
Thanks Mong !!
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