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Oooh, the second Harry Potter is definitely much more enjoyable than the 1st movie. I went into the movie with lower expectations coze_rambler told me that he didn't think too highly of the movie. Actually, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets felt like a horror/monster movie. Some of the awe and giddy excitement that I felt in the first movie is somewhat gone but the magic is definitely still there. Read that the movie earned US$28million is its opening day in the U.S., abt US$4m less than what the 1st movie made but this movie will probably touch at least US$80mil when the weekend is over. Warner Bros is definitely laughing happily to the bank. Imagine, Socceror's Stone grossed abt US$300million++ so far so COS will definitely be another pot of gold for them.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie tremendously. The CG effects were good as usual. I have to say that the supporting actors were great! Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter was not bad but he seemed to be over-shadowed by the other cast members. Ron Weasley [Rupert Grint] had all the funny lines and Hermione Granger's [Emma Watson] is a babe :)~~. I think Alan Rickman's Snape basically eats up the scene whenever he's on..[and he's not on-screen tt often]. Just one scowl from him and he's in character already hee. Kenneth Branagh as the vain Lockhart was pretty hilarious too. I read that they were considering Hugh Grant for that part too and I was thinking that Grant could have played that role just as well too [I guess I could easily understand why the students would idolise a teacher who looks like Grant]. Oh, and that guy [Christian Coulson] who played Tom Riddle.., he's cute!! heheh..I think he did a good job..especially in a role with lotsa exposition..not easy. The other new additions,like Jason Issacs [why is it tt bad guys must have golden/silver rebonded type hair - see Saruman in LOTR too] who played Lucius Malfoy and Shirley Henderson as Moaning Myrtle were pretty well-casted too. I wonder who are they getting to replace Richard Harris' Dumbledore? I think Ian Mckellen would make a fine replacement...I would be great fun to guess who would be casted as Professor Lupin and Sirius Black for the next movie.

Oh yah, I was actually scared in some of the scenes. Err..I ended up hitting my hubby during the spider-chase scene *shame*..He was holding my right hand then and I simply jerked and my hand went 'crack' against his jaw :P...fortunately, it wasn't that hard so he wasn't in that much pain. He stayed clear of me for the rest of the movie tho :(..

Hmm, can't wait for Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers. Hopefully, I haven't given birth yet then. It would probably be the last movie I will watch before Aidan is borne :)

Yeah, won $220 at mahjong yesterday hehehe..Played 50c/$1 up to 6-tai [maximum $32/$64]. I managed to win 'pengwu' a few times and had 2 6-tai games :).

All in all, it was an enjoyable Saturday..:)
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