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Sunday's child is full of spit~

Blur looking Aidan in the car~ Aidan actually has 'frown dimples' !
We only realised after we placed Aidan in the carseat that his tee color matches the carseat!

Aidan has this stubborn pimple on his right cheek that simply refuses to go away..I've been slathering hazeline snow on it but it's still there, day after day. Been wondering why and one day, I discovered the reason . You see, whenever Aidan sucks his of his digits will always be placed right on top of that stubborn pimple so he's constantly irritating it..We'll try to move that particular finger a little to the right or left so that that pimple can heal but nooo, Aidan must have his finger right on top of the li' blemish *sigh*..My baby's face bu mei le!!!


Piangz..Aidan looks so hiao here..

Was at Mothercare at Marina Square today...the sale items there are actuallly much better than those at Centrepoint so ended up buying more stuff..And..there was this lady. When she saw me, she stared at me and I could see her mouthing to her hubby....

"That's Aidan's mummy..the one from the website!"

Heh...Not the first time that happened to me though. It happened when I was at the Centrepoint's Mothercare at another occasion (yeah, I patronise that shop way too often) ..but this other lady was more blatant..she was pointing at me and Aidan and saying his name to her friend who was with her. So funny man! But actually, if people does recognise me from my lifejournal, I would be happier if they do come up and chat with me hehe..That would be fun. That's how I met Trish flipover too. We were at Mt Elizabeth taking our babies to the paed..and happened to be in the same lift..Trish saw the wee one and exclaimed.."That's Aidan right! Recognise him from your lifejournal!!" And we started chatting was a short conversation tho since our paeds were different. Thankfully, I'd gotten to know her better thru LJ :)

Darn.. I don't have have an identity liao. I'm more known to people as Aidan's Mummy!


Where's my food!! *bang table*

This is what I call multi-tasking..!

Tried Aidan out in a babychair for the first time today at parent-in-law's place..The Ikea babychair was there coz it's meant for my 1 1/2 yr old nephew. We thought it was a little premature to get one for Aidan but we tried it out anyway( especially since there was a discussion abt babychairs in ljmummies). Surprisingly, Aidan was pretty stable sitting on it. He didn't slouch nor fidget..Just sat there calmy and watched us devour our lunch while he salivated away and munched on his digits. He even had the smarts to use his hands to grab the both sides of the chair to steady himself and he actually sat there without complaining throughout our lunch :) Hmm...mebbe it's time to start shopping for a babychair soon!

Every since Aidan discovered his toes, he's been constantly grabbing them whenever he has the opportunity and it's such a hassle, especially when I try to breastfeed him. He'll multitask and suck and grab his toes at the same I'll always end up getting kicked in the chest whenever he releases his feet after grabbing it for a while. *ouch*...
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