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Hubby is snoring so loud that the room is shaking so I just have to update my LJ :P~

Bah! Can't playing around with the trial Adobe Photoshop Elements I've downloaded. on earth do I create borders around the pix..*arghh*..still can't figure it out...Back to the tutorials..bleh..

auntyadele, I think this romper is more suitable for ur daughter :D~

I realise I shouldn't sing praises of the wee one to people..coz he will do something next to 'un-do' the sweet things I've said about him.

Like today when hubby called abt 1pm and asked abt the baby. I told him Aidan was so gwai, smiley and good natured the whole morning...But mid afternoon, his disposition changed and he became really fussy, demanding to be carried and cried so much when I tried to put him to sleep..even refusing to be breastfed..He was sleepy for sure, rubbing his eyes till they became red but he still refused to the end, he cried himself to sleep..*arghh*..Felt guilty so I laid down with him on the bed and we both ended sleeping for close to 3 hours!! And he woke up a smiley baby..hmmm...

Ok..I've learnt my lesson now..Never sing his praises out loud to others ..!!! Just rejoice abt it in my heart~~

Hee..Aidan always seem to look for something new to play with/chomp on his exersaucer each day. Yesterday, he was so keen on the li' orange house with a li' mirror..Today, he was busy munching on the li' pink bird hmm... I wonder whether he will get bored of the exersaucer when he'd finally explored/munched on all the 'goodies'~!
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