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Water Baby :D~~

See how big n red his pimple is :(..

Cute li' Ryan in the bright yellow float~

Heck of a warm day again! Won't be surprised if my electricity bill comes up to $400 this month *arghhh* Spent the afternoon snuggling up with the wee one in my cool airconditioned bedroom..hee~..that's the reason why I'm still awake since I slept so much in the day. This is what I love most abt being a SAHM..being able to spend so much time with the li' one..playing with him, me making him laugh, he making me laugh..Yeah..he could have his naughty/fussy periods but all that will be just a memory the minute he looks at me with his bright eyes, smiling coyly ..looking so innocent and cute.!

Brought Aidan to the kid's pool today..Well, Rachel & her hubby was there with li' Ryan..letting him tryout the baby float..After Ryan got tired with the float, Rachel let Aidan try it out to see if he's afraid of the water..Initially, he seemed okay..resting on the float with his arms wide open and all..but later think he got somewhat edgy coz he was getting cold since it was in the evenings already..But, quite a good first experience I guess..Should do this more often..especially since it's so darn hot..!

Any of the mummies wanna bring their kids over for a are welcome!!!~
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