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drooling baby~

Water Tap~

I found this pic really hilarious coz of that long strand of drool from Aidan's mouth..!!!!

Aidan's 'deer caught in the headlight' look~ ...Fallin~

Realised I haven't let Aidan try sitting by himself for a while..been lazy and have been lettin him sit in the exersaucer instead. On seeing chayhm's pix of OCA sitting up..I decided to see if Aidan can do it too. He's still unsteady but he's able to sit upright w/out assistance for abt 15-20 seconds and he'll then tilt and start sliding downwards. Heh..whenever he falls sideways on the bed mattress and land on his back,the cute li' bugger will start chuckling with laughter and raise his hands up askin me to prop him upwards again. He thinks it's a game hehe..

Was chatting with meganmacy and ashleyneo on msn..and we were talking abt our babies' milestones...and this thought struck me..

You know..when mummies of babies meet..we usually end up comparing our babies' development stages..and to a certain extend, there's this mini-competition that goes on..Questions like : Has your baby turned over yet? Has he slept through the night? Can she crawl yet? How old issit when he started to walk? And then us mummies will glow with pride, while regaling to whoever who's willing to listen about their own baby's achievements..

Anyway, it just so natural for us mommies to be so proud of our li' one..and honestly, every mom thinks their kid is the cutest/brightest/prettiest of them all..even though the other baby may have won numerous baby contests, have the biggest eyes ever with long beautiful lashes to match and a creamy complexion to boot ..your kid with the flat button nose and pimply skin still reigns Numero 1 in your eyes :)
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