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A Bad Day and a Not so Bad Day!

I had a really miserable day yesterday. I had to go shopping for an interview outfit because every working attire in my wardrobe (and I have LOTS of clothes *weep*) couldn't fit. So, I had to go buy one quick coz the interview was this morning. Went to Compass Point at 7pm..Gah! It was horrible...most of the stuff on the rack didn't fit too...All the pants in Large were too tight yet too long, nothing seems to be in XL and everyone else in the shops seems to be asking for S sizes..Felt like Shrek for a while..And to think there was a time when I found Mphosis apparels in S too big for me! I finally found something that fitted reasonally was a dress in XL *sigh*..Had no choice but to buy it coz it was like 9.30pm then and most of the shops have already closed and the sales girls were so patiently trying to get me something that fit. They would probably have stuck a needle into my bum if I'd left there w/out buying anything.

And throughout my disastrous shopping expedition, one thought keep popping into my mind - "Mus exercise, must diet..!!" For the sake of my bank account and the numerous threads in my wardrobe, I'd better shed some flab soon!


And interview..Well, it's now coming to that time when I have to decide whether to go back to work or stay on as a SAHM...I decided to let fate decide and see if I could even get a job since the job market is so bleak and pathetic..I'd sent out at least 10 applications 2 weeks ago via and only received 1 call back for an interview..It's with Eng Wah Organisation for the position of Marketing Communication Mgr..Wasn't really surprised that I was shortlisted for an interview because of my previous working background in the media industry.

The interview went okay..I'm usually pretty good at interviews..but after the interview, the HR lady told me that applicants had to do 2 tasks on the spot..Write a reply to a complaint letter from an irate cinema viewer and do a short writeup on a company sales brochure...My mind was blank for the longest time and just managed to scribble some nonsense and submitted it. Doubt I'll get a call back..:P..

But the HR manager made my day..Before she left the room, she told me
"You look really good for someone who had a baby not long ago!!" heee~

Post-note : During lunch, I told hubby about ze compliment the HR lady paid me..
He : So, is she bigger sized and fatter than u?
Me : errr..yeah!
He : That's why!!
*kbish hubby*


Watz cha lookin at?!

Came back at abt 3pm after lunching with hubby..and there was the li' scamp with his grandpa..and he gave me a really the biggest/sweetest smile when he saw me and my heart melted (such a waste I couldn't snap it in time)...


Was such a warm day and he'd slept the earlier afternoon away so I decided to take him down for a dip in the pool.Fwah!!! Shioks man!!!

happyqile& other mummies, lemme know when u wanna bring the babies to swim ( yeah, this time, only babies!!). It's really shioks man! Try to make it abt 5-6pm..the sun's not that warm and the pool is just nice, especially on a really hot day!!!!
Pool Pix

Yeah..u can see Aidan's really enthusiastic about swimming..NOT!

Get your hands off the float!!~Grrr~~

Wonder twinz power~ Activate!

Hmm..I'm getting to like this..

</center> come I seem to be quite compatible with quite a fair bit of pple~

kodomo 106%
moxielass 102%
uniclycommon 95%
shyeyes 89%
How compatible with me are YOU?
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