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the birthday girl :)

Argghh..is that the middle finger Aidan is showing?? With a girl next to him!!!
Lily, Aidan must have learnt it from your happyqile hehe..

It was Chloe's 1 year old birthday today. Chloe is the daughter of my good pals Corrina & Darren..They had planned a small get-together luncheon at Snoopy Place with another couple pal (with baby) and me..(hubby couldn't make it)..[the food there was awful btw ..bleah]

Woah..time whoozed by so fast..It was just a year ago when Chloe was such a tiny li' thing and she's now such a spunky li' girl whose voice is louder and lower than any kid I know...[I saw patrons at the restaurant giving us dirty looks]. I guess I'm sorta immune to those glares since I've been having so many lunches involving many babies including my own :P...


One year old Li' Chloe with her adoring parents....

Me & Aidan, Corrina & Chloe , Bibi and 3 month old Renee..

From another angle..

What are you looking at??!!

Chloe mor-ing Aidan's rounded head for luck!

Aidan,happy to be back home on his fav chair while Chloe looks on...


My pals were commenting that Aidan had lost weight since the last time they saw him, which was abt 3 weeks back..Actually, I have to agree with them. He seemed to have lost some of his chubbiness, especially on his tummy and arms and thighs..The only place which is still chubby are his cheeks so he looks a little unproportionate with a rounded face and pretty lean body. I'm not sure why..

He's on the small side, especially when compared with the other babies @ his age (eg. Ryan, Anselm and especially OCA)..The thing is..he has a hearty appetitie!! I was feeding him 210 ml of formula milk 5 times a day and I also nurse him abt 3-4 times a day too..Now, since he's having cereal during lunch time, I've decreased his feed to 4 times a day since last week..I've asked ard and he seems to be eating alot, compared to other babies. But I've been exercising him fair bit tho, tumbling with him on the bed and making him roll around and doing leopard crawl (like what we did at Little Gym) and bringing him to the pool to 'swim'..not sure whether I'm overdoing it :P~

I'm not exceptionally worried but I will have to check with the paed whether his weight and height is on target for a baby his age..[and also get something for that stubborn pimple of his.gah!]

My baby :)


And I guess Japan it shall be..! Gonna be a short trip though..probably abt 5-7 days..! Now to decide which city in Japan to go..wondering whether to make it a shopping trip, or a scenic trip (Hotsprings)..or a fun trip (Disneyland)...

Am so looking forward to it~~~ :D

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Jun. 6th, 2003 06:17 am (UTC)
Wah, like thumbs down not bad enough, he went all the way and did a bad sign? ;P
Jun. 6th, 2003 06:25 am (UTC)
Eh not I teach one hor :P~

and I must constantly remind myself not to cuss so much infront of him kekek
(no subject) - uniclycommon - Jun. 6th, 2003 06:47 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - angeliatay - Jun. 6th, 2003 08:35 am (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 6th, 2003 07:49 am (UTC)
Maybe the exercises are making him really fit with muscles in place of flab!
You never know, at his next growth spurt he may surprise you overnight...

Oh, btw, you can take a look at his health booklet; think there are growth charts in there...
Jun. 6th, 2003 07:56 am (UTC)
Problem is..I don't exactly know how heavy/tall he is coz the last visit to the paed was when he was 4 mths old (he was 6.8kg and 63 cm then). He was at the 50th percentile then.I think he should be abt 7kg+ now. Will be going to the paed soon so I will know his latest measurements!

I guess it's just that body wise, he's not as bakbak as most babies..like yours and Mong's...I carried all the babies and find them all so nice n soft whereas Aidan seem so lean (not complainin abt him hor :P)..
Jun. 6th, 2003 08:15 am (UTC)
heehee... did Aidan look at Qile's pix showing the finger?! aiyo... these babies amaze us! b4 we know it, they'll be going !$(*@#&(^$ *oops*

i luv all the pix, but esp'y the last 2, he looks SO cool! Aidan's really so different from other babies, he's so composed and collected. like a real model!!

wow.... Japan! enjoy enjoy! *envy* leh...
Jun. 6th, 2003 08:34 am (UTC)
I always put Aidan on my lap while reading the Ljs of others. Sometimes, he will coo at the baby pictures hehe..

They will definitely go *(&&%^$&^(_ if they hear us )*^&%&& enuff..so I'd better watch my language ard him hehe..

Composed n collected? hmm...sometimes, he seems so expressionless..just sitting there looking unblinkingly..abit duh hehe..

Yeah..am so lookin forward to Japan~ Hey..is ur trip postponed or totally cancelled? U should try to go before u start work eh!
(no subject) - happyqile - Jun. 7th, 2003 06:44 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 6th, 2003 09:13 am (UTC)
Wow Japan trip!!!! I've never been there either but dying to go too. Don't know when I can eventually make a trip there.

Don't take this the wrong way. I hope you have loads of fun. Just want to forewarn you of the possible separation pangs you will suffer being away from Aidan for so long, especially since you're a SAHM. (I missed Ashley terribly during the 2 short trips I made earlier in the year, amazing she didn't seem to miss me at all!!)

Once you've made up your mind abt the trip, make sure that you're mentally prepared to let loose and relax for the entire trip.
Jun. 6th, 2003 09:24 am (UTC)
Thanks for your warning..Yeah,everyone's tellin me that I'm definitely gonna miss that li' bugger like crazy coz I've been with him practically 24/7 since his birth. Bound to pine for him..

But I guess since both hubby and I long for a break, we should try as much to enjoy ourselves..

Are u planning a family trip anytime soon, esp since Ashley is so much bigger now?

(no subject) - ashleyneo - Jun. 7th, 2003 11:03 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - shawny17 - Jun. 8th, 2003 02:53 am (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 6th, 2003 09:27 am (UTC)

the moment I saw the first pic...I burst out laughing...LOL...and the little girl, Chloe (right?)..she looks shocked!..hahaha
Jun. 6th, 2003 10:32 am (UTC)
heh..yeah, she looks disgusted. On her bday somemore *grin*
Thankfully he's tapor..if chabor I think I'll be horrified keke..
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 6th, 2003 10:34 am (UTC)
Yeah..Japan would be good for someone like u..lots creative pple and lotsa toys/gadgets!
Thankx :)
Jun. 6th, 2003 10:37 am (UTC)
Happy Birthday Chloe! Chloe's parents muz be sighing time passes so fast ... hey, b4 u know it, we'll be oso celebrating for our BBs (aiyoh, only 6 more mths to go ...)
Japan is a good choice - however, if u guys really want to juz relax & pak-tor, then perhaps can consider more sightseeing, makan & fun, then shopping ... (Japan is really VERY ex - even their working girls make trips to Sin to buy stuff ... so it really doesn't make sense for u to do otherwise leh ... If u hv the moolah to spend, then be a patriot & contribute back to the Sin economy lor ...
But then again, knowing u hor ... how can tahan not buying stuff for poor Aidan, whom you'll definitely miss so very much (esp in Japan, I muz warn u, they hv loads & loads of cute stuff). But then again, mebbe
u're lucky they're oso having sales everywhere like Sin ....

Ryan's mum Rachel
Jun. 6th, 2003 11:25 am (UTC)
Yeah lor..we will be celebrating X'mas and our babies' bday. At least this year, I will be able to put his presents under the tree :)

I don't think I'll spurge that much *cross fingers*..mebbe buy a few stuff mainly for Aidan (like what I do in Singapore anyway)..

U ain't gonna go anywhere with hubby & Ryan? Oh btw, Chloe & Renee may be swimmin tomm..will let u know :)
(no subject) - ashleyneo - Jun. 7th, 2003 11:04 am (UTC) - Expand
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Sentosa - (Anonymous) - Jun. 8th, 2003 04:13 am (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 6th, 2003 10:41 am (UTC)
Aidan looks fabulous in his sleeveless shirt... I like his shoes... matching huh?

Wow, Japan would be lovely for couples...you will miss your babe like crazy.... I remembered my hubby pulled me away for a weekend when Jasper was 8 months old... I called home every few hours...

But try to relax and enjoy yourself....you need that break so that you'll have more energy to cope with Aidan as he grows...and grows... and grows... :)
Jun. 6th, 2003 11:22 am (UTC)
heh..I realised I'd gotten Aidan so many black outfits so I went out and searched for a pair of black shoes for him..Liked this particular pair coz it looks like adidas..

Oh no..just a weekend and u went nuts already..arghh.I guess I gotta control. Callin every hour from Japan's gonna be really costly! I realised tt even when I'm out dating with hubby and baby at home with in-laws, our conversation always revolves round the li' one.. *sigh*

Yeah..definitely need the strength to cope with a boy..wonder how u manage with 2..especially hyper ones like yours ! But I don't mind if Aidan grows up to be as good-lookin as your brood!

Zach's my fav still~ Love his stylo hairdo!
Jun. 6th, 2003 12:32 pm (UTC)
Japan? You must go get all those baby stuff from UniQlo! :-)
Jun. 6th, 2003 12:33 pm (UTC)
Re: UniQlo
PS: Me is Genetonic.
Re: UniQlo - angeliatay - Jun. 6th, 2003 08:10 pm (UTC) - Expand
Re: UniQlo - (Anonymous) - Jun. 6th, 2003 11:11 pm (UTC) - Expand
Re: UniQlo - angeliatay - Jun. 7th, 2003 08:16 am (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 6th, 2003 05:46 pm (UTC)
hehehe, i LOVE the pictures!
and that is a middle finger I see on Aidan's hand.... now who did he learn that from? :P
Jun. 6th, 2003 08:01 pm (UTC)
hehe dunno man..not from me for sure. I use my mouth to swear more than with my fingers hehe :P
Jun. 7th, 2003 05:55 am (UTC)
woah! lol Aidan so cool the last two pictures. Yeah he really not like most babies leh. He's quite heck care arh. Like camera at him he also like ..whatever liddat lol so modelish. hahaha.. not bad leh... quite pro. And i love his shoes! lol verycool! Today was at Taka then saw the little girls' beauty pageant haha how cool, they all looked like pretyt little princesses in their "evening gowns" too bad aidan cannot take part haha..
Jun. 7th, 2003 08:14 am (UTC)
Yeah..he tends to have this bochap nonchalent look..and looks so adult like..always like deep in thought..heh.
Hee..yeah boy, lotsa those little queen/princess competition where all the moms will take their darling daughters to compete..very fun to see all the li' girls are dressed and made up. Heh, I'm just happy dressing Aidan up n takin pics of him..dunnit to go competition..!
(no subject) - (Anonymous) - Jun. 8th, 2003 05:50 am (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 8th, 2003 11:14 am (UTC)
Hey I want to start a journal here and I need to find someone with a journal here already. I need a code. Would it be possbile for you to e-mail me one? If you would I would appreciate it so much. My e-mail is dramaqueen911@opendiary.com. P.S. My name is Megan thank you
Jun. 8th, 2003 08:21 pm (UTC)
wooohooo! aiden's dressing becoming more hiphop!

and oh my, japan it is then??? HOTSPRINGS HOTSPRINGS HOTSPRINGS! well. that is better if you're not going anytime in the summer. :D
Jun. 8th, 2003 09:07 pm (UTC)
Err..I think it's summer in Japan now *grin*..

Hee..I think it will be Osaka n Tokyo for now..Hotsprings is better in winter I heard keke~
I will go beo at the cute lookin Jap guys on ur behalf~~~
(no subject) - inventive_manic - Jun. 8th, 2003 11:20 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - angeliatay - Jun. 9th, 2003 10:58 am (UTC) - Expand
Re: - inventive_manic - Jun. 9th, 2003 12:08 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jun. 8th, 2003 11:51 pm (UTC)
heheh... aidan always look so chic in his baby clothes man...

da xiao ren!!

hehe so cute those shoes...
Jun. 9th, 2003 10:56 am (UTC)
hehe..i love his shoes too! Looks like adidas eh~!
Re: - jaz_aug - Jun. 10th, 2003 01:34 am (UTC) - Expand
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