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the birthday girl :) that the middle finger Aidan is showing?? With a girl next to him!!!
Lily, Aidan must have learnt it from your happyqile hehe..

It was Chloe's 1 year old birthday today. Chloe is the daughter of my good pals Corrina & Darren..They had planned a small get-together luncheon at Snoopy Place with another couple pal (with baby) and me..(hubby couldn't make it)..[the food there was awful btw ..bleah]

Woah..time whoozed by so fast..It was just a year ago when Chloe was such a tiny li' thing and she's now such a spunky li' girl whose voice is louder and lower than any kid I know...[I saw patrons at the restaurant giving us dirty looks]. I guess I'm sorta immune to those glares since I've been having so many lunches involving many babies including my own :P...


One year old Li' Chloe with her adoring parents....

Me & Aidan, Corrina & Chloe , Bibi and 3 month old Renee..

From another angle..

What are you looking at??!!

Chloe mor-ing Aidan's rounded head for luck!

Aidan,happy to be back home on his fav chair while Chloe looks on...


My pals were commenting that Aidan had lost weight since the last time they saw him, which was abt 3 weeks back..Actually, I have to agree with them. He seemed to have lost some of his chubbiness, especially on his tummy and arms and thighs..The only place which is still chubby are his cheeks so he looks a little unproportionate with a rounded face and pretty lean body. I'm not sure why..

He's on the small side, especially when compared with the other babies @ his age (eg. Ryan, Anselm and especially OCA)..The thing is..he has a hearty appetitie!! I was feeding him 210 ml of formula milk 5 times a day and I also nurse him abt 3-4 times a day too..Now, since he's having cereal during lunch time, I've decreased his feed to 4 times a day since last week..I've asked ard and he seems to be eating alot, compared to other babies. But I've been exercising him fair bit tho, tumbling with him on the bed and making him roll around and doing leopard crawl (like what we did at Little Gym) and bringing him to the pool to 'swim'..not sure whether I'm overdoing it :P~

I'm not exceptionally worried but I will have to check with the paed whether his weight and height is on target for a baby his age..[and also get something for that stubborn pimple of his.gah!]

My baby :)


And I guess Japan it shall be..! Gonna be a short trip though..probably abt 5-7 days..! Now to decide which city in Japan to go..wondering whether to make it a shopping trip, or a scenic trip (Hotsprings)..or a fun trip (Disneyland)...

Am so looking forward to it~~~ :D
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