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Will sing for food....

(this is sorta inspired by alisonrae's Aly :)

Aidan loves feeding time (yeah, which baby doesn't)!! Whenever he is placed on the babychair, he will start to tremble with anticipation (chayhm and pinkmelonhugs can attest to that) and will start making mewing sounds if I'm slow in getting his food ready. And when he eats, he will chomp it down in record speed and will lean forward towards the feeding bowl (sometimes grabbing the bowl and overturning it :P~) to indicate that he wants more!! It's always a joy seeing him munch the food down so enthusiastically...

Before Food..

After Food..

The problem gets so messy each time I feed him..Fortunately. currently..I only feed him solids once a day.Thankfully, abt 4/5 of the food does go into his mouth but the rest..*sigh* Yeah, I'm glad I bought a cheap Ikea babychair for him !


Dad & his first grandson :)

Remember a journal entry sometime back where I was lamenting about the out-going of money ..Well, things just got better as I'd received mini-windfall of sorts. My dad's company (it's a family-owned rice wine distillery - rice wine bottle with the the old man & the stag hehe) had given all the shareholders dividents from the sale of their land in Alexandra Road where the factory used to stand..apparently, they made a huge profit so the payout was really generous ..Anyway, dad rounded us children and gave each a brown envelope containing cheques. Said that he'd rather that he gave us some money to spend while he was around than wait till he ... *touch wood*..He'd even gave mom (they are divorced btw) a huge 6 figure sum ...

This is not the first time that my dad was so generous. He also paid for my education in Canada which wasn't cheap either..He gave both my younger bros money for his wedding and renovation of his flat ..he helped sis with the downpayment for a freehold apartment in the east. We always ask dad whether he has enough for himself and dad always assured us that he has sufficient and tell us not to worry. I know money shouldn't be used as a substitute for love but dad's position is that if he can afford to let his children enjoy some of his wealth, he will..Dad isn't a very expressive person..he never says stuff like "I love you" to us or gives hugs and all.. but we do know that he loves us alot and our happiness means alot to him. I remember when I told him that I was gonna be a SAHM, I felt bad as it meant that all that education I had would have 'gone to waste' ..but his response was..that my education was for me to upgrade myself and to have an opportunity to experience life out of Singapore..What I do with my degree after that is up to me and that should I choose to stay home to look after my child, he would definitely support my decision. Was really touched by his words..

Dad has been working almost his whole life...he is still working at age 67 and he doesn't wanna stop working yet. However, hubby's dream is to work till he's saved enough and retire and migrate to Australia n have a nice big bungalow with a garden (not necessary in this order)..He said that this is so that we can provide a better way of life for our kid(s?)..I guess like my dad, our wish would be to provide for our children to the best of our ability and hope that they will grow up and be happy - simplistic and unrealistic? Maybe..but well, we can always try :)

I know I'm really have such wonderful parents and in-laws, siblings whom I am close to, a hubby whom I love and who loves me just as much and my cute li' bundle of joy..I am really thankful..for all of them..


LJ Match Update :
Hmm..still can't believe this lj match thingy..I seem to be pretty compatible to most pple..lowest only 86%..bah!

kodomo 106%
moxielass 102%
takira 96%
uniclycommon 95%
lavivaloca 91%
shyeyes 89%
girlinthebottle 87%
sminya 86%
How compatible with me are YOU?

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