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cloth vs disposables...

Kung-fu Aidan with Qile gor-gor

Lily, Clare & Rachel came over today and we were intending to bring the babies for a swim ..BUT arghh, again, we didn't do so..Lily had invited Lilian (who sewed her own cloth diapers wrap) over and by the time Lilian had finished showing us the various designs/colors and experimenting it on our babies, it was abt 6+pm already and most of the babies were getting fussy/sleepy/feverish already so we abandoned our swimming plans! *sigh*

Not sure whether I will switch to cloth diapering..Yeah, cloth diapers are supposed to be more comfy for the baby and definitely more economical but....disposables are so easy and convenient! Once soiled, just simpy discard. Yeah, I know that disposables aren't good for the environment coz it's non bio-degradable and all + constant wearing of it may not be good for the baby's buttom but arghh, I can't think of myself handling poo-filled cloth diapers and nappies, rinsing them off and washing them regularly..yecks! I mean, once u have a poo-soiled diaper in front of you..first instinct is to get rid of it prompto! Seriously...I'm really thankful disposables were invented!!

I'd bought a red fuzzi bunz coz it could also be used as a swim diaper [plus it looks so cool hehe]. And I guess there's no harm trying cloth diapering for a while...

Qile has his hair shaved off when he was 4 months old and his hair is still longer than botak Aidan's *sob*!!

Lilian and her 2 lovely boys..Ezio & Enzo (thanks Lily)

Babies parade...[our standard group pix]
8mths old Qile with Lily (happyqile, Rachel and Ryan (X'mas baby),
Me n Aidan, Clare (chayhm with her OCA (New Year baby)...


I'm very glad that Aidan has the chance to 'mingle' with babies his age...especially boys. I was actually a tad afraid coz my gal pals all gave birth to gals so I thought Aidan would be the only boy amongst all the chabors..

But..becuz of the LJmummies, I'd gotten to know some mummies better..We chat with each other regulary and Aidan had also got the opportunity to play & bond with some of the babies..and seeing all the babies together always makes me really happy somehow..:)

Some misc pix taken earlier today and yesterday...

Turban Baby :D
Hmm..ze li' boy is growing..some of his clothes are getting too small for him..hee..more reason to go shopping!!!!

Christan, who turned one just a weeks ago..making friends with Aidan
[At my neighbour, Pam's place yesterday..]
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