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Wednesday Musing..

Every morning, before hubby goes to work, he'll pop by Aidan's room to see if the li' bugger is awake. If he's still asleep, he'll creep quietly outta room..But if he's awake, hub will change his diapers and bring him to me (waking me up first of coz) to breastfeed but before that, we would play around with him for a while..

This morning, when he brought Aidan to me, the wee one was in a talkative mood. Actually, Aidan has started to vocalise much more recently..For the last few days, he's been sorta 'singing' going "aaAaaAaaaaa! AaaaAaaa!". The other thing he loves to do is to make raspberries sounds and blowing bubbles at the same time. Anyway, while lying on my lap, Aidan was going "Arh arh arh.....and then PA!"..and then followed by "!" Hubby was like.."He's callin me..memememe!" Bah!

Actually, Aidan wasn't calling his daddy for sure *sourgrape* !..He was trying to do his normal "Ah Puiii" but the pui became a pa today...he'd better learn how to say mamamama soon hehe

A smiley/drooling Aidan on the potty~

Aidan sat on the potty for the first time today!! Been wanting to place him on it for a while but always forget to do it..So today, when he was grunting away (signalling that he was ready to poop), I quickly whisked him to the potty and let him sit on it..He was so cute sitting on it, grunting away as he does his business...He didn't even need me to hold him up coz he was able to balance himself with the 2 armrest on the side of the potty. After he'd finished, he gave me a big wide smile..started drooling and was shaking his legs merrily and looking very comfortable plopped on the potty. I'm sure if he can read, he won't mind reading the newspaper while sitting there...*sigh* This boy is so like his daddy!!


Baby Singapore Idol?

Am planning to sign Aidan up in a playgym group..That is why I've been attending those gym trials with Aidan so that I can decide which one to choose. Lily happyqile has been a dear, making all the arrangements with the various gyms for the try-out sessions. So today, it was our turn to review Kindermusik...

It was similar to Little Gym in that the mummies had to do most of the 'legwork' as usual so us moms were panting away as we carried our li' ones and worked them out while singing nursery rhymes or playing with little musical instruments Unfortunately, Aidan saw those li' instruments as something new to put into his mouth. He licked the rattle like a lollypop, took big bites out of the musical ball and attempted to munch on the drum *sigh*.. Haven't made up my mind which gym to choose though..Am glad that Aidan seems okay in big groups of babies and he doesn't fuss abt much too..I guess all that baby gatherings helped :)

This ball has little tinkling sound when u roll it and the babies were supposed to roll it about to the other babies..of coz dear Aidan tried to eat the li' ball..~~

Baby Ethan, Aidan & pretty li' Chloe
Before this pix was taken, Chloe was getting somewhat chummy with Aidan and *gasp* she poke him in the her mummy whisked him away quickly while admonishing her softly and she started crying :(...Hmm..this is the 2nd day in a row where Aidan got his eyes poked hehe..He seemed okay tho..

chayhm and happyqile with their babies OCA & Qile drumming away :D

Li' Chloe (hmm, lotsa girls named Chloe) with her jude mummy, Lina....Chloe wailing away ~~
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