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Shopping with Babies~

Did the taitai thingy yesterday and met up with Trish (flipover) & Ashley (ashleyneo) for lunch & shopping..Lunch was at a Jap rest at Tanglin Shoppin Centre and Ashley joined us later as she had another appointment with Lily and Clare ..(busy mummies we are hehe)..

When we were taking pix of both Aidan & Tiff, this well-dressed good-looking lady came to our table and started gushing over our babies...going "OoooOoooh Sooooo Cuteeeeee!!..I mus take pics of them!!!" and promptly took out her camera phone...After she googooed gaagaaed at the li' ones and left, both Trish and Ash turned to me with blur looks and asked "Do u know her?" I didn't of coz..:D..

Aidan & Aunty Trish...

Trish tempting Aidan with a piece of sushi~~

Aidan & Tiffany...

Babies on Sushi table~

Our babies in the rented-red taka strollers [that's my stroller behind]

*all pix taken by Trish with her PDA..last pic courtesy of Ashley :) [hubby took my cam to Johore for his biz trip..]

Ok..this is embarrassing to admit but we ended up renting 2 lightweight strollers from Taka and we used the heavy-duty stroller that I brought along to lug all our shopping bags and our own bags..So poor Trish had to push the 'bag' stroller..while us mummies of coz pushed our own babies. Quite hilarious actually 'coz whenever we passed by people, u could see them looking at the prams and start makin faces at the babies and when Trish walked by them, they'll peer into the stroller expecting a baby but instead, all they see is the stroller seat filled with our barangbarangs!!!

Everyone seems to be suggesting that I start something of my that I can work from home and also do something useful while I'm looking after Aidan. But the thing is..I really don't know what to do/I can do.

I'm not a very innovative/creative person nor do I have enterpreneur spirit like my sis and mummies like Trish flipoverand Jeanalisonrae..In fact, hubby has been pushing me to think of a new business idea for the longest time and as usual, I've been procrastinating on it, lamenting that looking after a baby is a tough and stressful job ..unfortunately, he's been reading my journal u see, and says that I seem to be having more fun than suffering :P...Oopss!

Retail business is tough and competitive..especially if it's online (which is the simplest way to go for a WAHM)..Yes, it's easy to buy nice, attractive clothing for ur own baby but to buy with the intention of sellin it to other mummies will definitely be tougher since not all mummies have the same taste..And also there's the need to promote & market ur products..fwah, lotsa work! And I can't think of anything else that can be done..(see, I'm really not innovative at all)..

Will take the opportunity during my trip to Japan [which has been postponed to early July - confirming the trip this weekend :) ] to scout ard for good ideas..hope to get some kinda inspiration there!!
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