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pretti li' things....

A somewhat blur-lookin Aidan after waking up from his nap</i>

Baby n the biscuit~
yeah, he drooled all over his sleeve..*sigh*


Hee..surfin the net to look for some good buys...probably caught the bug from moxielass and vixette7...

Better layoff delias.com for a while coz everything looks so nice...most of the items are for young, pub-going, nubile girls tho..but I like this top leh..the one in black. The white one is kinda lian-ish (looks like tattoo siah).I do have a thing for kimono tops..!! Ooh..and this tube dress looks yummy..

Edited :
Arghh..I want these undies!!!!

And I love those comfy sleep-ins clothin..Used to often buy them from Aussino especially when they are on sale..But check these out..it's from this store called Kooshi but you can't buy their stuff from the net though..i think it's locally designed..reasonably priced and looks nice n comfy too :)

Isn't the sheep motifs cute? So Ally Mcbealish!

n some sexy stuff too

Oh yes..I read somewhere (probably one of the local mags like Female or Her World) that Louis Vuitton does housevisits..and it's not only for wealthy, snooty tai-tais apparently. Just call them and let them know which pieces u would like to 'preview' and they'll lug them over to ur place. Not sure if there's a service charge tho. Darn, I'm in such a superficial mood today..

Hmm..have anyone ever felt like going for plastic surgery? This is assuming u do have the dough for it..

Well, I grew up hating my flat button nose, my horrid complexion and my height..Had always thought that given a choice between having lotsa money and to rectify all of the above [w/out plastic surgery], I would choose the latter..:P~ Then, I always wonder..whether I would ever consider going tru rhinoplasty to achieve a sharper nose..(nothin much I can do abt my height of coz cept for high heels)..and was ever so tempted to make an appointment with Dr Woffles Wu..

I admit..I am a vain person. I was born w/out double eye-lids and my eyes were the type that if I rub often, the double eye-lids will appear. When I was in Sec 2 [yeah, when I started to notice the opposite sex], what I did was to rub n rub it so often that one day, the folds became permanent :D~.

Now..I'm pass the age of 30..married with a kid..and still vain of coz..I still think my nose is flat (and am thankful that Aidan' nose is not as flat as mine and has somewhat of a nose-bridge :P~) but I don't think of rhinoplasty that much anymore.. Now, I wonder whether if my wrinkles start becoming obvious, will I consider Botox?!

Ok.ok... I wanted bigger boobs too!

*Note : And yeah..I know that I should be appreciative of what I have and that all my parts are intact and have normal lookin features. I am thankful..(but it doesn't stop me from lamenting :P~)

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Jun. 17th, 2003 09:48 am (UTC)
Most men wants double C boobs..ala Pam Anderson..
I will be satisfied with a B :D..
hmm, why am I tellin u this..
Jun. 17th, 2003 10:21 am (UTC)
Heh, I know! ;) B's nice too! There's this waitress at some lounge that my buddies and I admire, especially in her nice cheongsam. We don't call her the B52 Bomber for nothin' y'know! Btw, cheongsams are very sexy outfits!

Erm, why am I telling you this?!?
Jun. 17th, 2003 10:23 am (UTC)
Ooh..u patronise lounge ah? Which one? Sim Po Po *grin*..?
Cheongsams are sexy to men only lah. So tough to walk in it and the split cuts all the way up to the upper thigh. Bleah! I worked in a hotel as a waitress before and had to wear one of those..yecks!
Jun. 17th, 2003 10:57 am (UTC)
Hoy! Not THAT kinda lounge ... erm, at least not in recent memory. LOL!

Yeah, cheongsams with high splits are the ultimate killers man, especially on leggy waitresses! It's such a tease! Hweeet!