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Despair was asking whether it hurts when the baby kicks..well, most of the time, the kicking feels like light flutters in the tummy but there are moments when you can actually feel a large thud against the wall of your stomach..That's when the babe is doing his Van Damme imitation and those kicks do hurt a little. Hubby is always amazed at the movements he can feel when he places his palm on my tummy..This babe is one heck of a hyper boy and I dread to think what he will be like when he's finally free!!!! The thing is, this babe tends to move around alot especially at night, particularly during the period when I'm getting ready to go to bed. *sigh*..a nocturnal baby!! Goodbye peaceful sleep!!

We finally did our first bit of major shopping for the baby yesterday. So far, I've only bought bits of baby clothings in Melbourne and Perth. We went to this warehouse shop called Baby Hyperstore which was somewhere along Kaki Bukit Ave 1. This shop carries a large selections of baby strollers so we decided that stroller shopping it shall be :). We were completely lost initially..there we were, blur looking parents-to-be standing at the aisle looking at the heaps of strollers , not knowing what to do. Immediately, an energetic salesman came to our assistance. Tons and tons of strollers were brought to our attention, with their various functions highlighted to us. I test-strolled a few of them and incredibly managed to not hit some mothers-to-be along the aisle (almost ran down some boisterous kids though). Hubby was then attracted to this really high-tech looking 3-wheeler jogger stroller which looks somewhat like this It was gleaming black with big looking wheels and it weighed a ton!! It was way cool and not surprisingly, the price tag was pretty indecent too - $800 for the stroller itself and and abt $1000 for the stroller plus car-seat. I had to convince my hubby that that real babes on the road/park would usually be more attracted to the baby instead of the high-tech stroller. Furthermore, it was unlikely that he would actually jog-stroll the baby since he had failed his IPPT zillions of times (he dreads the running and push-ups) and agonized after each of his RT (the massages I had to give him after his RT was agonizing for me too). Hubby then turned his attention to the next best looking stroller - a Peg-Perego Pilko which was pretty functional and was quite light in weight (good for a petite-sized woman like me to handle)..It was one of the top-of-the-line stroller, so claimed the salesman and when he showed my hubby a model which was in bright yellow and dark blue, my hubby immediately started "test-strolling" out the stroller and I could tell that the salesman was aware that his commission was along the way. The stroller cost abt $350 (after discount) and the car seat in the same design and color was abt $200. Honestly, the stroller is pretty functionally and the fact that it was aesthetically pleasing was a plus too hee~~ So, armed with our latest buy for the baby, we both happily strolled out of the shop. Even before we went to sleep, hubby turned to me and whispered.."I'm very pleased with our buy today!!!" :) with my hubby ain't that bad after all. I thought he would dread it like the plague. But we still have lotsa shopping to do..the cot, other stuff for the nursery, baby bottles etc...I wonder whether they have those in high-tech good looking designs too hehehehe~

P/S : Ooooh..there's this place at Joo Chiat Place which sells really fabulous Pepper Crab. The coffeeshop was already packed at 5pm and by 6pm, there was this long q. Mus try!! Really scrumptuous!

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