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Yeah, It's TarsDay again

Am watching TAR while updating the journal, although I've already watched it this afternoon already.

</u>Today's TAR </u>
Sheesh..yeah Ian, u have the perspective of a 50 year old but u have the manners of a 5 yr ol' brat! And Flo..she can be nasty indeed!! I wonder if she hadn't told the airline officer in Italian not to let Andre & Damon on the 3pm flight, would they have gotten on it? do u think it's wrong for the twins not to share their guidebook with TerIan although Teri had helped Derek find his clue which he had misplaced at the ticket counter after the gondolo flight... I dunno..u can tell that during the race..the twins have been wondering how 'helpful' they should be..even towards KennyG. They ponder whether they should wait up for the bros at the airport and it was after a while that they told them abt the need to take a number for the bob-sled. I guess it's tough especially if u r in a race for a million dollars. U try not to be nasty but u also can't be too nice..Even KennyG were pretty snarky..I mean they told Jill & John Vito tt they would help call for a cab after they boarded theirs and in the cab, they told the cab driver to take his time calling for a cab..Anyway, I did think it was abt time tt Andre & Damon were eliminated. They were totally useless throughout the entire race. I expected them to be smarter and more impressive because of their vocation but they were a disappointment. [It was cute of them to return Phil the $1 though :) ]

A friend whom I haven't heard from for abt a year called me up out of the blue today. I knew him since we were 16 yr old during those "function" days where us students would go to private house parties and dance the night away. Anyway, it was his birthday today so he invited me to BarNone at Marriot's tonight to celebrate with him & his frens...I told him that I was not in the condition to drink and pub due to my preggy state..We ended up chatting away and he told me what happened to him in the past few yrs. Apparently, he had gotten married abt 1 1/2 yr ago..actually, he rom-ed with his gf and they had bought a flat [fortunately, not directly from HDB and w/out the grant]. They were supposed to have the wedding dinner abt a year later but something happened. He apparently found his wife in bed with her ex-bf when he got home early one evening [abt 3 mths after their ROM]. He was saying that all the while, he thought that such scenerios only occur in those Mediacorp dramas..He was totally devastated and to make it worse, his wife was not even contrite abt the incident. The divorce only took abt 6 months to formalise, much longer than the duration of the marriage. When he told me abt this, I really did not know what to say, how to console him. Actually, he didn't actually needed consolation..I could tell that he was past the hurt already. But still, I was at a loss for words. I guess it was tougher over the phone, coz if I was talking to him in person, I could at least hold his hands or give him a hug. I think infidelity is one of the worse thing that can happen in a marriage. I really doubt I can handle it if it happens to me...

Hearing this also makes me treasure my own relationship with my hubby more. We've been married abt 3 yrs plus already and I do feel that I've been really blessed with a fabulous and caring husband. We are both pretty laid-back people and don't usually fight over trivial matters. We r both looking forward to the birth of our little baby boy and we will of coz try to be the best parents we can ever be :)

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