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First lesson :)

Definitely not the next Annika Sorenstam!!

Had my first golf lesson shoulders n back are aching man..

Had always wanted to learn how to golf.. Had ever tried a li' 'swinging' the clubs at a driving range at Ho Chi Minh few years back but I was only with a friend then and he was a horrendous teacher. I ended up with blisters on my hands and was sore for a while..This time round, am determined to do it right by learning from a pro..

It went pretty well I must say, though my grip of the golf club is a li' suspect I think..Am so not used to having my left hand be the one guiding the club instead of my right arm..and I guess since I'm more of a racket sport person so the tendency is for me is to try to hit the ball with the right hand exerting strength..which is wrong..The furthest I could hit the ball was abt 50m..whereas the guys..hubby and his friend Roby performed much better..hitting at least 100m. Well, am lookin forward to next week's lesson :)

Oh yeah, there were this two ladies at the driving range and one of them was like dressed in a pink toga top and capri pants and slip-ons with heels and still managed to hit the ball decently.. Hmm, wonder whether she was there to practice or....... *coff*.

Was initially planning to to attend the sg_ljers GMU at China Square but coz I was feeling so sticky n dirty, decided against it..but chose to watch Finding Nemo instead. Fantastic movie..the voice casting was particularly Ellen DeGeneres as Dory..she's a hoot! .. Both kids and parents would love the movie, the latter especially, can definitely identify with the theme of the show!

When the movie credits were scrolling, hubby said in a loud voice.."Let's have sushi!!! *sighh*

Could tell that I was doing it wrong when I look at the pix hubby took while I was practising my swing..My feet are supposed to be closed together and slightly bent! Yeah..hubby's definitely much better than me at this..

I was actually really tired when hubby took this pic of me..It was after I'd hit all the golf balls (@60 of them) and I was like resting my weight on the golf club.! Heh yeah..vain eh!


MIL said Aidan hardly slept when we were out..Probably at most abt 1/2 hr or the afternoon and abt 1 hr in the evening..Darn, I think he's too used to be nursed to sleep in the afternoon..usually, that will knock him out for at least 2 hrs plus...Anyway...have to be prepared that Aidan's gonna sleep less in the day soon so I'd better think of more innovative ways to keep him occupied :D..

The li' bugger lyin in his new playpen :D...
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