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mafia baby..

Yeah..haven't been updating for a while..kinda lazy I guess and more importantly, hubby was away for a business trip to Indonesia and brought along the digicam ..Without my cam, I felt so lost *sob*..and without pics, I had no inclination to update ..excuses, excuses :D~

Brought Aidan to the paed 2 days ago..he measured 67cm and was 7.6kg which basically meant that he was of average weight/height for a baby his age. Told paed abt the amt of food he has been consuming and she said that Aidan probably has a high metabolic rate so the food burns up faster ..thankfully too or else he would have been twice his weight heh~! Anyway, she also added that I should be thankful that he's eating/drinking well as there are many babies who absolutely refuses to try solids and takes ions to finish their milk..

Anyway..Aidan turned 6 months old just 3 days ago..he is growing up pretty fast..just can't believe it. Yesterday when I was at the Motherhood Fair at the Expo, there was this lady who saw Aidan and she was like "Awww..he's so cuteee..!! And she added "You'd better treasure this period coz this is the time when they are the cutest. Mine turned into a monster..!" and went on to give me some examples of how monstrous her child can be. I asked her how old her kid was.."3 years old!"..was her reply. Arghh..hopefully, he won't be that unmanageable at that age. I remember someone telling me this too. She said that there is this period where your cute li baby turns into an un-cute, I should treasure this period where he's sweeter, more passive and less mobile now..

Stretching Exercises..

Heh..yeah, it's just an excuse to show off the new pair of jeans I bought him from the Motherhood Fair yesterday..Love the fish Nemo-like eh!!


Hmm..should I be worried that when given the choice of the bird and the flower, Aidan usually chooses the latter...

And ....this is what Aidan got when I played the numerology thingy that most of the LJmummies had been doing ..

Aidan's Special Number is : 2
Personality : Babies with this number always think of others. They learn to share from an early age and are kind and loving to others..
Jobs : Babies with this number makes good journalists, musicians and dancers (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?)

Bah! My neighbours upstairs are doing some reno works and it's so darn noisy!! And amazingly, Aidan can still sleep through it~~ *phew*
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