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sick baby...

Zzing on the way to see the doctor..

Another zzing pic..

Aidan has bronchiolitis!!

That's the same thing happyqile's baby had too abt a month plus ago. Aidan started coughing on Saturday, thought the coughs then didn't sounded like wet coughs.. and he only did so when he was agitated (like when he wanted us to carry him) . Come sunday morning, he was still coughing but it still didn't sounded bad and he was in a cheery mood too, especially when his daddy was playing the peekaboo game with him.

We left Aidan with our in-laws in the afternoon after our lunch with them so that we could run some errands and when went back to thse house in the evening, it seemed that Aidan's condition has worsen..there was clearly some phlegm in his throat when he coughed and he had runny nose and seemed to be running a fever. We quickly brought him to KK hospital to get some meds and the doc then diagnosed him as having bronchiolitis.

Even in his condition, that boy was still in a playful mode. He was all smiles when the doc was taking his temp, checkin his blood pressure, lungs and oxygen level and even tried to chomp on the doc's stetoscope. When the nurse was nebulising him to clear his stuck nasal passage due to the mucus, he was calmly sitting on my nap, and breathin in n out as the nursed counted from 10 to 1. Did this abt 4 times and waited 20 mins and did it again. He didn't resisted at all..breathing in and out and smiling at the nurse :)

Back home, after feeding him his milk, I proceeded to give him the meds that was prescribed with his milk and after his feed, he promptly puked out all his milk and medicine all over me..I read somewhere that it was probably a way of clearing his phlegm so I didn't jumped that much..but I wasn't sure what to do next. After cleaning him up, we were wondering whether to feed him again or to try to make him sleep since it was way past his bedtime. We decided on the latter but it didn't work coz he wouldn't sleep and kept tossing and turning about..He refused to breastfeed too *sigh*..Ended up feeding him abt half his normal dosage of milk and he soon went to sleep after that..

I'm not overly worried over his sure he will improve when his meds take effect and with enough rest and fluids..Just hate to see his whole body convulsed up when he goes into his coughing fits and it was kinda painful to see him relching over the sink, trying so hard to rid the mucus/phlegm ..

Slept in the sofa bed in his room yesterday night to make sure he was okay..Fortunately, that boy could still sleep and could hear him making li' snorts only (guess it was becuz his nose was blocked) and he only woke up at 9am this morning with a huge wheeze!

Weird..the runny nose med which is supposed to cause a drowsy effect doesn't seemed to be working. Aidan was more hyper than before after his milk/meds and wanted to play and be carried about and I'd only managed to make him sleep 3 hrs after his feedtime..

Looking a tad pissed after a coughing fit..

Aidan in a cheery mood yest morning...

Playing with his daddy~


We finally confirmed our Japan trip today...but the departure date we've chosen [which is sometime end of July] is not a guaranteed departure coz so far, only another couple has confirmed the trip too so we gotta wait for 8 more pairs to join first..well, just gotta cross my fingers...

And, I finally got my digi camcorder from Alan Photoshop at SLS. It is a Panasonic GS70! It was hubby's choice as he had read from the net many really postive reviews abt it and he said it was a reall good buy.He was talking to the salesman there in a language I didn't comprehend ..dunno what 3DD or 3CC..thought they were talking abt breastsizes for a while...

Oh yeah, we got ourselves an Acer Travelmate laptop too :P~

Hmm..I'm looking for a swimming instructor (female preferably) to teach me one-to-one at my place..Anyone has any kangtao?
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