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Yes..apparently he has grown heavier during the last week :)

Aidan on the prowl~~

Hmm..I thought sick kids especially babies should be somewhat listless and grouchy ..but Aidan doesn't seem to be the case. He's extremely hyper and cheery. Throughout the day, he's been wanting to play, kicking his feet about, trying to crawl and move about and babbling a lot in between coughs..and when he moves about, he leaves behind this long trail of mucus and drool which seemed to be oozing non-stop from his nose n mouth respectively..If not for his constant coughing & wheezing, his red runny nose and mini-pukes to clear his phlegm, I wouldn't have believed that he wasn't well...

Whenever I thought he had enough of playtime, I'll take him to the room to either nurse or put him to sleep but he'd be so resistant to it ..He'd be so gleeful when I wave the white flag and plomp him into his exersaucer. He will play till he is so exhausted and will then finally nap within 1-2 mins of nursing. I think I ended up being more tired than him..

Hmmm..I still got alot to learn about tending to babies :D...

Yesterday, when the doc was examining Aidan, she asked.." Do any of you two smoke..?"..there was a long silence and hubby had a contrite look on his face.I told her that hubby does..and she advised him not to smoke in the house and also to change his clothes before carrying Aidan 'coz the residue of the smoke will be stuck on the fibres of his shirt. Said that the second hand smoke will exacerbate Aidan's condition..

I remember when I was pregnant with Aidan, e_rambler and leapin_toufu were asking me whether hubby intended to stop smoking when the baby arrived. They were advising me to convince him to stop. I'd spoken to hubby about this before and he promised to stop at the end of the year. But he didn't wanna say which year so I knew it was so as to cover himself if he failed to keep his resolution..

I used to be a smoker too. Stopped cold turkey when I discovered I was pregnant with Aidan..was worried a while coz I'd been smoking quite heavily when I was @1-2 months preggy..It was tough initially but it helped that my nausea was extremely bad at that time so the smell of smoke made me wanna barf. I do admit that I have cravings at times but 'coz I wanna continue to breastfeed Aidan, I stop myself from succumbing. Hubby makes it a point to smoke only in the kitchen balcony and the study room and not anywhere else in the house..and with his current job giving him loads of stress, I really don't expect him to stop like that especially since he's been a smoking for a much longer time ..I know deep down inside, he does want to stop but he needs to have more will-power to do so and well, hopefully, guilt helps too ...
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