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of hair, baby and solids~

hee..I love this pic of him in orange...he looks so...serene miserable..

Yeah!!! Aidan's hair seems to be growing..I thought he would remain relatively hair-less for much longer since mom told me that I was a botak li' girl till I was abt 1 yr old. The thing is, only the front middle portion of his hair is growing whereas his sides remain short...My sis-in-law actually thought I'd cut his hair this way deliberately so that he'll look like those chinese/chee-nah babies with only the front patch of hair visible...eeks!

Aidan's about the same today....Still as hyper and active and still coughing and drippin mucus...I really think he refuses to accept that he's sick so he's being ultra playful! It's like his mind and his body are fighting each other. And yeah, he discovered an effective way to remove the phlegm that's bothering him..He'll shove his finger down his throat which will help bring out a whole loadful of phlegmmy spit..*yeucks*..But I guess that's better than having his throat be irritated ...Just hope he doesn't continue to do that when he recovers...

However, I think I'm coming down with something soon..My throat is starting to irritate me and I'm coughing a little..*sigh*..I think Aidan has passed the bug to me *awk*!

More Orange Aidan pics :D

Aidan doing his best bulldog impression (yeah, that's my feet propping him)
(whenever he sees the cam, he'll automatically go into his scowl mode *sigh*)

Yum yum..veggies!


Tomorrow..I'm gonna start cooking porridge for Aidan..heh. Been procrastinating that coz I'm a klutz in the kitchen. When I told MIL my plans, she gave me the "oh-oh" look..I think she's afraid I may end up messing up the kitchen..

Hmm..I probably need to go buy a slow-cooker so that it'll may things much easier especially with a hyper Aidan around.
---------------------------------------------------------- friend, Boon Na just sent me this pic of her daughter Wan Ying and Aidan at the party on Friday...really cute man!

Hmm..they do start early, don't they?! Boys *shakehead*!
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