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burnt to a crisp....

My first attempt at cooking for Aidan was a major failure *shakehead*..Water dried up when I went for a loo break..came back and saw the tiny bits of carrots and potato turning brown and the rice stuck to the pot..Bleah..this is the reason why I took technical classes instead of home economics during my Sec School. I suck real bad in the kitchen! Can't believe that I can even mess up a simple thing like cooking porridge for my baby..

Thankfully, hubby's not the type who expects me to make fantastic meals when he comes back from work. I think I used to cook pretty decent meals when I was studying abroad..that was coz I had no choice so I quickly learnt how to whip up a few simple dishes like black soya sauce chicken and szechuan veg with meat and the always dependable chicken & potato soup. Everytime when I told hub I was cooking for him, he will comment.."Black soya sauce chicken again izzit?!"..*sigh*..Anyway, he prefers that I not cook..not that the dishes don't taste good (or so he says)..but that he hates to do the dishes and that he thinks it's easier that he buys dinner back for me instead while I tend to Aidan..I think he just doesn't want me to cook for him..I guess it's for the better..

Well, at least Aidan can't insist that I not cook for him [yet]hehehe..Will experiment again tomorrow and this time, I'll try to hold my pee n poop!

Note to self : Must buy slowcooker or non-burning pot [if there's such a thing] soon!!


Took out the magic cookiejar for Aidan to play with [ran out of stuff to distract him with :P]..This cookiejar was a present from MIL to him when he was @4months old and I'd actually forgotten abt it till I saw chayhm's OCA playing with it..But, the boy wasn't interested in it at all..The only time he showed a little enthusiasm was when he pressed one of the button and it said "I love u~!" But either than that, he basically ignored it using it mainly to prop himself while sitting up..

I'm bored...Next!

Interestingly, he had more fun with the light switches instead...*sigh*..We really shouldn't waste money on toys anymore~!

And then....there was light!!~
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