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Not a good feeling to be under the weather when one's baby is sick ...Aidan's cough seems to be better a little cept that he coughs more when he's lying on his stomach or when he doesn't get his way..We ended up having to always flip him frontwards whenever he turns to his stomach and giving in to his demands by having to either play with him or carry him abt more *awk*..Sometimes, I wonder whether he is being a devious li' thing by pretending to cough..because he realises that his parents automatically becomes his slave when he starts making those hacking sounds..Although ..his phlegm is definitely for one that good an actor could fake the sound of phlegm-filled cough..

Hubby doesn't look to be immune to the bug too..He's starting to sneeze more and he says that his body is starting to ache too..Either he is trying to get out of looking after Aidan fulltime while I convalesce or he is really getting sick..Gah, this is no good, especially for the trees. Between me and Aidan, we'd used up almost 4 whole boxes of tissues during the weekend...*sniff*

stuffy nose, bad cough..all I can tahan..but, I really can't stand the itch in my inner ear..arghhh!! When my nose gets all stuck, the inner part of my ear will itch like crazy that no matter how often I use the ear digger to 'scratch', the itch just won't go away...gah!


View of my condo from Punggol Park...
kinda ominous lookin..with the dark clouds just on top of the apartment blocks.

Aidan being wheeled around by his slave daddy

Yeah, we were sick of being stuck at home so we decided to take a nice leisurely stroll to Punggol Park with Aidan yesterday evening to take in some nice fresh air..Could also tell that Aidan was eager to go out too..So there we were.. one whole family... walking and coughing/sneezin away...Ended up having dinner at the restaurant at the park..and bleah, the food there tastes awful. Not going back there again man!
________________________________________ pissed with myself..We had taken some really cute shots of Aidan on the camcorder when hubby was playing with him earlier on..Hubby was 'terrorizing' the li' bugger by pretending to be the Incredible Hulk and Aidan was giggling away at hubby's antics.. It was hilarious! But..when I was experimenting with the software that was supposed to transfer the pics from the camera to the computer, something corkup and the tape basically got spoilt..*wail*..all those video images gone! Hubby was so nice about it..saying that well, at least we didn't have like very important stuff in it like aliens landing or Aidan walking....I'm still pissed..bleah!

Whatz Up Doc?!


Inspired by ikepod...:D~

Mohawk Aidan :D...
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