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baby bug..

Am I that contagious???

My hubby and my father-in-law are the next two after me to succumb to the wee one's wunderbug...Hubby was so sick that he had to go see a doctor to get some meds and MC and he'd dooshed on the bed since early this evening..Dad-in-law started having chills and fever yesterday night and went to the doc early this morning..The only one who seemed to have fully recovered is Aidan..

Now, if only Aidan can be the one looking after us all..

mom-in-law is now praying hard that the bug will bypass her...she's been imbibing tons of vitamins to build up her immunity system..

Being a SAHM is truly a fulltime job ..When hubby's sick, he gets to take leave from work and back home, he's able to rest peacefully, play his game whenever he wants to, let his wife pamper and sayang him and sleep without interruptions..but, when I'm sick, where can I go to rest? I have to still continue my regular 'job' of caring for and feeding Aidan, even though I'm so mabok yesterday, I was so stoned that I'd dropped his full bottle of milk while walking to the baby chair..Poor bugger thought that he wasn't gonna get fed and started bawling till he saw the new bottle of milk I quickly made for him and started to shake about excitably..

Anyway, thankfully..I am feeling much better cept for the messed-up nose that's still dripping non-stop (that lousy runny-nose med #%^*). Hope hubby recovers soon too. One day, I'll ask hubby to take leave from work to be at home with Aidan fulltime and I'll just hand him a leave form for myself saying that I'll be on leave from home and will be out shopping :D..


Finally, Aidan can sit up pretty well now..He hasn't been doing it that steadily before..even yesterday, he was still quite wobbly and could only sit up for at most 1 min or so..but today, that boy discovered that hey..sitting up was a breeze and he was so amazed with himself that he started squealing at me or anyone who was around to see him to showoff his newly acquired skill..As a result, I've got a splitting headache from all his squealing since I'm always around him.. For my sanity's sake, I hope Aidan will take his time to crawl and walk..

Hmm..doesn't he look..kinda more grownup now?

yeah, not a v good pic ... but Aidan sure looks mighty pleased with himself..

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