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long long time ago~~~

Tried using the digicam to capture some of my baby pics but they came out all hazy ..which ain't surprising since the photos have gotten kinda blur with age.I think follicly-wise, Aidan definitely took after me coz a pic of me at 5 months old showed me with the same hairdo as his [yeah, we have the same M shape hair pattern]...Hmm...I was a pretty chubby li' baby too

@5 months old

*edited :added a few more pics
That's baby-me with my dad..Dad told me recently that he was sorta disappointed that I wasn't a boy then..Hmm, maybe that's why I was so tomboyish when I was younger...

That's my sis evonnetay with us ...
@ I year old

See the house behind..that was my granddad's..
it was a really huge bungalow on sprawling land that managed to house so many people..
I think the land has since been taken up by a condo..

Celebrating my 1 year old birthday :D..

Thought it was interesting that my dad took pics of us two in our 'home' clothes and then changed us into nicer clothings and took more pics. :D...Oops, I guess I revealed my age..!

Interesting how a walker has evolved..:) Mom told me that I used to enjoy exploring the different parts of the house in that walker of mine :)

This is actually a pic of my youngest bro Stephen when he was abt 1+ year old..I so love the toy-car he was 'driving'..I think it was made of some heavy metal like iron..

Kinda fun looking at these pictures. They were all taken at the old place at 147, Killiney Road, where my dad's family (which consisted of his dad and 3 wives [my grandma was the 3rd wife] with their many offsprings and even more grandchildren) lived..Dad told me that Lee Kwan Yew stayed just around the corner and he used to often walk pass our place and he would smile and wave at us..We moved out of there when I was abt 1+ year old yet memories of that old place still remains fondly in my mind..especially that of my nanny, Wong Jie whom I used to terrorised [according to my mom]. She said [unlike Aidan] I was really fussy about food and used to always spit out the porridge that Wong Jie had patiently fed me..That's why she claims that I was thus the smallest/shortest in the family and the rest of my siblings grew up tall and strong *sob*...[I'm gonna make sure Aidan finishes up all his porridge!!]

Hubby complains that he doesn't have any baby pictures at all. His parents weren't that into photo-taking and furthermore, he was the second son so he wasn't much of a novelty so basically, there ain't any baby pictures for me to see if Aidan looked anything like him when he was a baby.
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